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    Insain Hot Sauce

    Wow Insain Hot Sauce is Coming out with a new Hot Sauce. Check for updates at
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    Hot Pepper Powders !

    I have Hot Pepper powders for sale. Here is a list. Red Reaper Chocolate Reaper Chocolate Moruga 7 Pot Primo Chocolate Dougla Ghost Pepper For price contact me with the amount that you would like to purchase and I will get back to you with a price.
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    Sriracha Sauce

    Dose anyone have a good Sriracha sauce Recipe ?
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    flavor Bacon flavored sauce !

    Can anyone tell me how to make a Bacon flavored hot sauce or what I need to add to my favorite hot sauce to give it a bacon flavor with out adding bacon grease to it ?
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    recipe-help looking for a killer sauce Recipe !

    I am looking for a good and different sauce recipe. Needs to have a lot of flavor as I will be adding super hot peppers to the sauce.can anyone help me please ?
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    chocolate 7 Pot douglah

    Dose anyone have any chocolate 7 pot douglah seeds that they would be willing to send me or know were I can get some from ?
  7. insain

    Bhutlah seeds !

    Can anyone tell me were I. an her some bhutlah seeds at ? Please let me know.
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    wanted looking for 1lb fresh reaper peppers

    Dose any one know were I can get 1lb fresh reaper peppers ?
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    looking for a new sauce recipe

    Looking for a good new recipe that has blueberry , BlackBerry and pineapple will be putting in Carolina reaper peppers,primos,Jays ghost scorpion,Moruga scorpion,jolokias, Indian carbon Ghost. Can anyone help me with a recipe ?
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    for-sale Supper Hot dried peppers for sale !

    We have dried peppers for sale here is a list Ghost peppers Jay's red ghost scorpion Primo's Indian carbon Ghost $26 an oz shipped. Contact me if you would like some.
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    indian carbon jolokias ?

    Dose anyone have any Indian carbon jolokias for sale. Prefer dried. Please let me know.
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    Naga Morich peppers !

    Dose anyone know were I can get some Naga Morich dried or powder at ? I see they were tested in England at 1.5 million SHU any help please.
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    Carolina Reaper peppers !

    Dose any one know were I can get some dried Carolina reaper peppers ? Please let me know.
  14. insain

    Carolina Reaper peppers !

    Dose any one know were I can get some Carolina Reaper peppers fresh or dried ?
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    Capisician Drops

    Satan's Spit capisican Drops infused with Ghost pepper,onion, Garlic ,carrot the shu is 3 million+ it comes in a 8ml bottle that has an eye dropper. Price is $30 if you would like to order contact Insian Hot Sauce at
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    hot-sauce Were can i get a sauce that has the 16million cap in it ?

    Dose anyone know were i can get a sauce that has the 16 million pure capsaicin in it? Please let me know.
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    event Hot Sauce and Chili Fest, Raleigh, NC

    I am checking to see if their in any intrest in having a Hot sauce and chili fest in Ralsigh, NC any one intrested in this plwase reply through this post.
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    Chocolate 7 pot peppers

    Dose any one know were i can get any chocolate - 7pot peppers at or any mourga scorpion or trinidad peppers at. Please let me know.
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    wanted Looking for fresh or dried Mourga scorpion or Chocolate 7-pot Peppers

    Looking for anyone that can help me out with some Mourga Scorpion or chocolate 7-pot peppers fresh or dried ?
  20. insain

    Red Trinidad Scorpion Moruga scorpion and Chocolate 7-pot !

    I am looking for Red Trinidad Scorpion, Moruga scorpion and Chocolate 7-pot peppers. Also looking for the Chocolate 7-pot seeds . Can any one help ?