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  1. Marturo

    misc Chiltepins??

    I have 3 Amazon Chiltepins that look like this. Not at all like my real Chilitepins.
  2. Marturo

    wanted WTB Chiltepin seeds.

    I need some wild Chiltepin seeds. Please let me know if you have some your willing to part with. Thanks, Mike
  3. Marturo

    dried Tell me about Freeze dried Chilies.

    $3.000 to start with a Harvest fresh Home freeze/Dryer unit Med size. At this time all I know is I like the Freeze dried Strawberries I have on my morning cereal. What can I do with freeze dried peppers Hot & sweet? Can you add hot FD cherry pepper slices to oil? FD JalapeƱos to sauces...
  4. Marturo

    shopping Mexican Seed houses.

    So am I holding my Mouse wrong? I would like to order Pepper/Vegetable seeds from Mexico. Is that possible for an American to order from Mexico? This is what I keep getting: Looking for Pepper seeds not Pot seeds LOL.
  5. Marturo

    shopping Scotch Bonnets?

    I would like to get real Scotch Bonnet seeds orange to use in my Peach bonnet sauces. Is this the place to get the real Bonnets? Or is there a better dealer...
  6. Marturo

    organic Organic discussion

    Interesting thread. I have grown Organic Heirloom Fruit & vegetables since 1976. After many years it's been my experience, Simply answering a post/question with, you can try Pyrethrum spray for those Beetles, or I have used Spinosad for all those hungry Caterpillars & it knocks them dead...
  7. Marturo

    container Grow bags vs. Pots.

    Hi everyone I'm new here, however not to growing peppers. I have grown peppers forever mostly tropical countries or Fla. Just before my 70th birthday I finally got it. :clap: I have used plastic & Clay pots pretty much for everything, yet lately & after coming here, I see the usefulness...
  8. Marturo

    plant Help for identifying a pepper.

    I first saw this pepper in the early 70s on my Dads farm in OH. We all know about the hidden flavors behind the heat of all peppers. The plant was in a large pot & looked just like a Habanero, even turning red when ripe. I enjoyed Habanero's so I took a bite, & was surprised that there was...
  9. Marturo

    Hello from NC

    Hi to all, I'm a long time Chile lover. I hope to learn more about Chiles from around the world. We grow as many as we can use, & give some away to friends.