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    30% Off Entire Site

    www,amfarms,us   30%Off Sale Entire site till Oct 10
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    Dragons Breath Seeds

    We are a contract to grow and isolate our own seeds. We sell off our extras and our Dragon Breath plants really produced this year so have extra we are willing to sell.  For THP members, will let them for go for $6 a 20+ pack or $25 for a 100 Pack.   I ordered this strain from Chili Bob in...
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    Bulk Seeds

    We grow from our own isolated seeds.  We contract grow and not really in the seed business, however this year we are going to have alot of extra seeds.  Everthing is packaged in lots of 100.  $40 per hundred. This is right now what there is extra of., more added as i get em collected and sorted...
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    free Free shipping for July

    Free shipping on everything we make through end of July. No catches or gimmicks..
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    A&M Farms Expanding

    Wanna thabnk everyone on the forums for your support the last couple of years, we couldnt keep up with the demand so we have expanded. Here is part of what we have going on. Will be adding more dehydrators and commercial grinders closer to picking time. We will primarily be bulk sales only this...
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    Pepper Grinds

    1 pound 7 Pot Primo Red.  $30 1 pound Green Jalapeno $20 1 pound Smoked Serrano $25   Shipping included in the prices.    
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    More Ground 7 Pot

    I ground another pound of 7 pot Primo Red. $30 for full pound. Price includes shipping. Also have a pound of ground Jalapeno for $20 includes shipping as well. 100% Organic grown, no pesticides used. Vacuum sealed. We grow everything we have.
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    Ground 7 Pot Primo 1 pound

    I have an extra pound of Ground 7 pot Primo pepper.  Grown this year. $35 includes shipping.  Also a pound of Reaper for same price.   Full pound by weight not by volume.     Reaper is sold.
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    2020 Setup (part of it)

    Just apart of the 2020 Season setup.
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    Black December

    20% Off entire site now through Dec. 31   amfarms . biz
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at A&M Farms.  Hope its a SPICY one.
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    Ground Scorpion 1 Pound

    1 Pound of Ground Scorpion Powder. (SOLD)   $35 included USPS Priority Shipping
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    Ground Fatalii - 1 Pound

    1 Pound Yellow Ground Fatalii, $20 plus shipping. (SOLD)
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    BIG Thank you

    Wanna say a BIG THANK YOU to this forum and its support this year. I know I have not been on or posting alot because we been SO BUSY with this years grow. Our first year commercial and next year is going to even bigger and better. This forum was mentioned in more that one buyer emails.     Again...
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    Fresh Super Hots

    Getting website updated, have more than this to place on site. We are harvesting daily now.      
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    Pods are getting ready

    A few pics, Scorps are really getting nice. Shisitos and reapers pods
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    A&M Farms Expanding

    We are proud to announce that we have been working with the USDA and our farm expansion loan has been approved and this allow us to UP our growing and products. We will be able to add more varieties for both seeds and fresh peppers. Changes wont take effect really till the next growing season as...
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    Bait Shop

    Don't forget your local bait shop in the growing planning, WORMS are the best for soil additive. Works in ground and containers as well. We ALWAYS add worms to the soil. Casting and aeration the natural way.
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    A&M Farms

    We are taking our local business online this year and always working on our site and adding new products as we get them. We actually grow out all we offer so selection is little low right now as we are full into our growing and planting. We will offer fresh pods this year as well.   Thank you...
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    Cold Day

    What to do on a cold frozen day?  Try new recipes :)  Fermented Serranos, Onion and Garlic.