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  1. semillas

    Semillas La Palma 2017

    2017 season was started in October 2016  and around 300 varieties are now growing in the green houses.   Here is the list :   First pictures will follow soon.   Peter
  2. semillas

    Semillas La Palma 2017

    First seeds for the 2017 season have been sown end of September already.   It will end up with more than 220 varieties = aprox. 1600 plants and I hope I will have enough water in the next hot summer.   Around 600 seedlings have been transplanted so far and grow in 1 Liter pots. All others will...
  3. semillas

    chinense Bengal Naga Peach vs. Bhut Jolokia Peach

    I grew Bhut jolokia Peach last year and this year I´m growing Bengal Naga Peach.   From plant size and habitus (small, early branched and typical Bhut leaves) to fruit and fruit setting incl. heat and as far as I remeber the taste, I can´t see any difference.   Is there any difference and if...
  4. semillas

    Semillas La Palma (SLP) 2015

    Here is the actual growing list:   7pot Armageddon 7pot Bubblegum 7pot Bubblegum Buckey 7pot Bubblegum eigen 7pot Bubblegum Schweden 7pot Chaguanas Red 7pot Chaguanas Yellow 7pot Congo Chocolate 7pot Katie 7pot Katie 7pot Lucie 7pot Lucie 7pot Madballz 7pot Orange-Yellow Aci Sivri Aji Brazilian...
  5. semillas

    Sweety Drop and Sweety Pepp

    Does anyone know what pepper varieties stand behind these marketing names? See: Peter
  6. semillas

    chinense Bhut Jolokia ♀ X Trinidad Douglah Brown

    I´m sorry if there is already a thread on that topic, but couldn´t find it.   Is this known to the hybrid growers?       Pods are very large and superhot, maturing from olive green to brown to mahagony red.   Peter
  7. semillas

    Semillas La Palma 2013

    During the large forest fire just a year ago we lost around 2/3 of our production. We decided to move to a more fire protected region and found a ground in a pure subtropical zone at about 230m a.s.l. Pepper production is in 3 greenhouses with insect repellant netting. At the moment we grow...
  8. semillas

    HP2085815202051920 or The Superhot Beast

    Here we are: After some crossing, selecting, recrossing and testing, making pictures and sorting data we decided to come out just before the upcoming new growing seasing with this exploding message >>>>> We first called it HP2085815202051920 this is simply Hot Pepper and a continuous growing...
  9. semillas

    wanted Wanted: Giant Rocoto Seeds (isolated)

    I´m looking for a really huge fruited variety. Buy ore trade
  10. semillas

    CAP 1469 = C. frutescens ??

    I don´t know if this is a C. frutescens as described in the database of IPK Never have seen a C. frutescens with round fruits that do not fall from the stem, when ripe. Only one flower per node Anyone here who can comment on this? Peter
  11. semillas

    wanted Looking for original ARS/GRIN Accessions C. chinense, frut. etc.

    Hi, I´m looking for "viable" original PI..... and GRIF..... accessions from the USDA seedbank. I prefer C. chinense, frutescens and wild varieties, no standard annuum and no standard baccatum Will trade or pay. Please offer what you have per PM I have about 650 varieties if you want...
  12. semillas

    wanted Looking for fresh wild Chiltepin seeds

    I'm looking for 8 Oz seeds 2012 crop, collected from wild plants. Peter
  13. semillas

    hybrid 7pot Primo Orange or cross?

    In a row of Primo plants I have one plant with orange pods: Anyone here, who had the same? Could be a orange-yellow mutation (secondary metabolism of caretonoid synthesis) that occurs with a relative high frequency or a cross. All plants bear masses of yet unripe pods and so far all pods...
  14. semillas

    Semillas La Palma 2012

    Here is my 2012 growing list: 7pot Barrackpore 7pot Brain Strain 7pot Brain Strain Yellow 7pot Jonah 7pot SR Strain 7pot White JD Acrata Africansk Agnetto Gold Thick Agronaldo de Asti Aji Braz Bonanza Aji Cereza Aji Chilco Calentana Aji Chombo Aji Cito Aji Cristal Aji Golden Aji Habanero Aji...
  15. semillas

    Hello from Canary Islands

    Hi all, I´ve been browsing The Hot Pepper forum regulary and yesterday I decided to open an account. Some of you may know me from other forums, from seeds trades or from business relations. My name is Peter Merle I´m owning the pepper seeds producing and selling company Semillas...