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  1. Will-zone10a

    What's some mild but flavorful peppers?

    I decided to explore peppers with flavor and heat that is toned down. Nothing hotter than Fatali   So far I discovered thunder chillie peppers - I enjoyed that a lot Any other recommendations?
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    I Love the aji species

    I Love the aji species
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    Interesting! I've never heard of this plant before
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    I wonder if it's possible to splice a pepper plant and have 5 different pods growing on 1 plant.

    I wonder if it's possible to splice a pepper plant and have 5 different pods growing on 1 plant.
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    vendor TexasHotPeppers

    I placed a -large- order of seeds.   Everything came out good! Of course with a large order like this there will be a few hick ups. It will be all taken care of.   TexasHot delievered and backs up his business. 
  7. Will-zone10a

    Can't find cayenne peppers in any stores

    I think it's always worth a try :)   But if it's something not in the options for mitchNC   You can always place an order for crushed, powdered, extract, paste, whole fresh or whole dried pods.   
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    Can't find cayenne peppers in any stores

    Just place an order for seeds and grow them your self!       
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    If you can grow only 3-5 peppers which ones will they be?

    If you can grow only 3-5 peppers which ones will they be?
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    7-Pot Peach outgrew my AeroGarden Bounty

    oh dang, 254 days?!    
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    Chinese copy of air-pot

    oh one of those chinese manufacturing websites where they have minimum orders    neat 
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    looking for a real hot ghost sauce recipe

    Less sweets or more peppers (maybe add a 1 or 2 pepper with seeds) would be my first guess with your recipe and your needs Posts above me seem like a good place to start too
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    labels Gemini Crow Labels: The Last Labels

    If this wasn't a hot pepper forum My first guess by only looking at the picture would have been some kind of label for beer   But seconds into it, it's clear that it's a hot sauce label.   I do like it! It will stand out from other hot sauces    I hope this is just me
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    Facebook business

      Caudle, it's clear you just want ideas to avoid fees.   Have you thought of taking on another part time/side hustle that doesn't deal with licenses?
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    Anybody grown both?: Aji Cito & Lemon

    If you grew one Aji verity and it did well, expect to see the others do well as well.   Very slight chance of one or two verity may not do well in your area depending how sensitive the plant is   There are TONS of videos of people reviewing Aji Lemon. It's spot on. It has Medium heat - Hotter...
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    aaaaaahhh can't ship to CA. dang   Not sure how California came to that conclusion to ban imported peppers      hmmm "Very pungent chili peppers may be exempt"
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    Apple Cider Vinegar question

      I had no idea there was a thread to make that stuff. I'll check it out on a later date
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    Facebook business

      The city hall workers at SC will tell you what you can and can't do - they'll explain in greater details then we can.   It's not worth trying to walk around this, if anyone finds out everything will get shut down and you'll get slapped with a nice fee Internet activity requires some specific...
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    Facebook business

    I feel like there are some questions that were not answered - yet.   What are you doing that makes you feel you are going to get finned for illegal work?    Is this just a blank question out of no where, or do you know something you should not be doing (like avoiding fees)?
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    Facebook business

    Why are you afraid of getting fined? Did you important ingredients from another country illegally?   There are tons of videos on YouTube showing how to start a business (even a hot sauce starting business)