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  1. BlackFatalii

    shopping Keygoes Chili Keychain, $6 on Amazon

        I just thought some members here might be interested in this. The price of the stainless steel version of the Keygoes keychain has dropped to $5.95 on Amazon, with free Prime shipping. It comes with four refills of pepper powder: Reaper, Moruga, Butch T and Tabasco. It is a pretty solid...
  2. BlackFatalii

    wanted Chocolate Monkey Face seeds wanted

    I am looking for Chocolate Monkey Face pepper seeds. Does anyone know of a trustworthy vendor that has these in stock? Or if anyone has them and would be interested in a trade, PM me and we will work something out.
  3. BlackFatalii

    free Free Seed Giveaway

    Aji Pineapple Bahamian Goat "Not" MoA Scotch Bonnet (a slightly off-pheno but very tasty orangish-yellow Bonnet) Red Savina Habanero Trinidad Perfume 7 Pot Jonah   I have more seeds for these than I will ever plant myself, so I am offering them free to any THP members who would like to grow...
  4. BlackFatalii

    Hello from Las Vegas

    Hi all. So I am very much a noob in the chili pepper world, although I have enjoyed spicy food for many years. I found this site about a month ago and I have just been lurking and soaking up the knowledge since then. THP seems like a really great community, so I thought I should just go ahead...