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    cooking Add mango cook or raw ?

    I just made a batch of hot sauce. 20 of the meanest Habaneros I ever dunn growded.67 Fairlane red( not orange). 1/2 a small onion. 3 packets of Stevia. This crap is LAVA. Tasy but.DAAAAAAAMN. Can I add pureed mango ? Do I need to cook-carmelize it first ?  I generally add carrot to my sauces but...
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    Finally got it right

    Fertilized with nothing more than "cow patty soup" and 25% H202 mixed with 20/20 Growing condition 50% cloud cover.1800 elevation.10*N.75 degree avg temp. Pics of the plants to come this evening.
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    Aji, Ajo,Yo Roe Coe Toe

    The weather finally got normal here so some fruit is finally staying on my weeds.These are off some seeds Bro Aji Joe sent me some time ago. The plant is almost big enough to hang a hammock in but the flowers and buds just began to stick.Rocotos like strong long duration light from what I can...
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    Ghost pepper 151 margarita.

    OK. At 1201 am Dec 22 Ima going to chug a liter of 151 with about 12 Ghost Peppers blenderated in it. The effect will be similar to the 2012 movie. Lotsa screaming, crying, puking, running in circles, cars crashing, flames everywhere. Anyone care to join me ? I'll be in my cave inside the Irazu...
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    Three to ID

    I put the largest ones in a mason jar and I'll be damn. They smell exactly like peaches.Decent heat(150,000?) The flavor is fantastic. Meaty , fruity and, after pickling, I plan on draining well and having ginger and carambola reduction added. The tiny red one is pretty hot (maybe...
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    Got sharp ?

    New toy. :party:
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    Costa Rica Wild pepper.

    My guys went fishing yesterday and brought home a bag of these (9345) http://www.thechilem... Rica&genus=Any However, the seeds are white. Do some pubes have white seeds ? If not, it may be this one(9227) altho this shows it has the scotch bonnet shape http://www.thechilem... Rica&genus=Any...
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    Milk in/milk out

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    Fitness for women. I think I know her secret. A ghost pepper in the other hole. :onfire: :rofl:
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    Mirror malfunctioning.

    How strange. I went in this morning to brush my teeth and the mirror reflected this old gray haired drunk looking hippie. I'm going to go get a new one when I remember where I put my keys.
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    Whoooooooo Hoooooooo 7.5 quake

    Shake rattle and roll for 30 seconds or so.Hard to walk. Hadn't seen power poles move like that since Hurricane Andrew in Homestead.
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    Stevia sweetener.

    Anyone used this/ tried to grow it ? etc? Give a damn ? I just got 100 seeds. Word is, they're a bit finicky to germinate. I buy some packeted in the yuppee food store made in Colombia( must be good). Beware of fakes from Coca(iane) Cola, Pepsi(colonoscopies) and other such demonic enteties. I...
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    Documentary for you guys.

    AJ "If people will learn to "listen" to their plants, they will tell you what they want". AlabamaJack Made me think of this video.
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    Pepperzzz, guns, knives,cigars, watches,bikes,snakes tattoos....Custom boots ?

    OK guys. Been around here long enough to see we're all pretty much insane. :rofl: Anyone ever have a set of custom boots made ? I like Wellingtons but around my place even the ones with standard Vibram's cause one to mud skate. My old Redwing loggers( too damn many laces) don't.They're ultra...
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    eCigz --vaping

    I've been smoking for around 45 years and the other day I decided to quit ( waking up blind in one eye gives one radical ideas). I bought a couple of disposable eCigs and by gawd it worked ! I haven't had a tobacco cig in 2 weeks today. I just ordered a rechargeable type with "red" cartridges...
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    video New Video-Bhut

    I subscribed to this guy a long time ago. He's good on the farm.
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    Fruity and hot.

    I just bought these at the farmers market today. The mora(blackberry)with chipotle is fantastic but no heat. The Mango Ginger Habanero ROCKS !I put it on a smoked pork chop. Just enough heat and the ginger adds a twist.
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    Chile con queso y carne

    OK. Try it. I call it Veda's Chile con queso out of respect to the woman who turned me on to it in 1977 or so. She was a ragin Cajun. One 2 lb box of Velveeta. Jigger of Worcestershire. 1 lb of burger or ground sausage of your choice. Whatever. I've even chopped venison. 1 16 oz can of chopped...
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    Breaking News !
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    Growing in pots

    Interesting read.