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  1. Decyborg

    pod Supposed to be Trinidad Moruga Scorpion

    Hi folks,   Same story as my other post, these were supposed to be Trinidad Moruga Scorpion, but they don't look like that.  
  2. Decyborg

    pod Supposed to be Carolina Reaper

    Hi folks,   I got some seeds from Sandia seed, they are supposed to be Carolina Reapers but the few pods it has so far do not look like a Carolina reaper to me, the pods were fairly hot, don't really have an objective way to compare but they felt "hotter" than a habanero.   Small pod   Pod vs...
  3. Decyborg

    pests Scotch Bonnet weird growth, aphids or could it be something else?

    Hi folks,   First of all thanks to everyone that welcomed me and helped identify my aphids issue. There is one plant that doesn't look like the rest and I'm trying to figure out if it's normal, aphids issues or something else.   A quick overview of the plants so far: January 16 2021 - Started...
  4. Decyborg

    Greetings from Michigan!

    Hi folks!   I started growing hot peppers last year, got a habanero and a jalapeno from Home depot.   This year I decided to start them from seed, here is what I'm currently growing: Carolina Reaper (supposedly) Trinidad moruga scorpion (supposedly) Aji Limon Scotch Bonnet Red Fresnos Habaneros...