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    preservation Drying frozen peppers?

    Yes, you can freeze your peppers now then dry and make powder from them later. I have done it. It works just fine.
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    storage If i take the seeds out of my jalapeno a keep it in storage for next year will they grow or will they be dead. (im a newbie)

    They will grow. Let them air dry on the counter or somewhere for a week or two, then store them in a cool, dry place and they should be more than fine after just one year. I like to store mine in the fridge in ziploc baggies. Last season, I started some pepper seeds that I had saved back in 2016...
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    favorite What is your favorite Baccatum Chili and why?

    Brazilian Starfish is my favorite Baccatum so far, and it is one of my favorite peppers to snack on straight off the plant as well. It has a very sweet and fruity flavor. The burn is mild enough to be pleasant, but still spicy enough to remind you that you are eating a pepper. Approximately...
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    indoor Do any of you have tips of growing jalapenos and bell peppers inside over the winter? I need some item recommendations too.

    What is it that you are trying to do? Are you trying to keep the plants growing and fruiting through the winter, or are you just trying to keep them alive until spring? First, you should probably read through the thread about overwintering...
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    health Flowers falling from plants (carolina+habanero)

    Here are some possible causes of flower drop:
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    misc Rewind/redo?

    1. I'm pretty happy with how things are coming along so far this season, so I wouldn't change too much. Probably I would start the bulk of my seeds in January, as I usually do, rather than wait until February like I did this year, but that is about all. 2. I have pretty much maxed out my...
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    hybrid Pimenta Moranga Peach Cross... parents?

    As far as I know, "peach" just refers to the color of the ripe fruit, and doesn't reference Sugar Rush Peach specifically. There are a couple of other chinenses that I know of that also produce fruit in clusters. Pimenta Caixo, also from Brazil, is one. There is also a cluster BBG7 that...
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    THP needs YouTube subscribers...

    Or perhaps 3. Boss has become too successful on OnlyFans to bother with YouTube right now. 😁
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    pest All my peppers are suffering from this white powdery stuff, need help!

    That looks like some kind of scale bug or mealy bug to me. Here is an article that might be helpful for you: Controlling Scale Bugs TL;DR: Among other things, the article suggests using insecticidal soap or Neem oil to control these critters.
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    misc 007 Pot Red

    You can make hot sauce or powder, cook with them (7 Pots may make your food quite hot!😁) or maybe even try some straight off of the plant if you have a high tolerance. If you are not sure what you want to do, or you don't have something that you want to do right now, then I would suggest maybe...
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    plant Help identifying my "Carolina Reaper" peppers...

    I don't have firsthand experience with any UK seed companies, but I have had great results so far with seeds from Whitehotpeppers and Hippy Seed Company. And I believe they both ship internationally. Also, be aware that Hippy Seed Company's prices are in Australian dollars, so they are not...
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    harvesting Orange Thai: Colour Progression to Ripe?

    I have grown Orange Thai peppers before, and the ones I grew ripened from green to orange. I am thinking your plant must be something other than an Orange Thai. I also don't recall ever seeing a pepper turn from red to orange; if a pod turns red then that is usually the final, ripe color.
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    chinense Brain Strain 7 pot line with large pods?

    Maybe this is what you are thinking of? 7 Pot Gigantic
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    pest Need help identifying this disease or pest. Pics

    That looks like damage from thrips to me. Pyrethrin has worked well for me against thrips, although since Pyrethrin is non-persistent, you may have to spray more than once to get rid of them completely.
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    misc Looking For A Short Bushy Pepper.......

    You might also want to consider Aurora, Hot Pops, and NuMex April Fool's Day. Wicked has more usable peppers than most ornamental types. I grew it for the first time last year and was pleasantly surprised. The heat and flavor of the pods reminded me a bit of Fresno peppers, but these are more...
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    off-topic Who was that one YouTuber?

    All I know is that he must have done something to tick off YouTube, as they deleted his channel entirely. Some time later, he was allowed to start a channel again, and he uploaded a few of his old videos there, but as you can see it never really went anywhere after that.
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    off-topic Who was that one YouTuber?

    Ted Barrus? His channel and all of his videos got deleted from YouTube a while back. This is all that is left of his channel:
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    health Will my hot pepper plants produce year round? Pics*

    Peppers are perennials. They can and will continue to produce if given good growing conditions. That means enough light, nutes, and the right range of temperatures. I understand that people in some parts of Florida are able to grow outside and harvest peppers year round. I am not sure if that...
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    seeds Seeds question after losing seeds.

    Refining Fire Chiles has 538 varieties of pepper seeds, including CGN21500, chiltepin and a few Rocoto varieties. Might be worth a look. Semillas has 589 varieties, including some wild varieties. Matt's Peppers has a few wild varieties as well.
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    I was happy with the plants I got from Juanitos Peppers. I am not sure if he will be selling plants this year or not; he moved to a new location and it seems like he took last year off.