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  1. jrm

    What I got so far……

    Getting some color from ghosts and shishito. “The twins” jalapeño has some nice corking going on. The bell is being a bell, same with the Joe E. Parker’s. Orange scotch bonnet is coming along nicely. Tabasco as well. Reaper has a coupla pods going. So far the only real disappointment is...
  2. jrm

    smoking More bbq fun.

    End result. MEAT CANDY! Fall off the bone with a bit of chew (?!). Honestly the best ribs I’ve ever had. My wife said the same. Beans? Same thing. Pasta salad was not as good as usual (😔). VERY happy I wrote the bbq sauce recipe down this time cause that is our go to now!
  3. jrm

    Hatch chili time!

    So, test taste result. Very crunchy, bell pepper but better (?) taste. Heat was black peppercorn ish (back of mouth heat but not the throat punch that black peppercorn does ). VERY pleasant! Can’t wait to see how they taste ripe! Then ripe and roasted! Then turned into red sauce for...
  4. jrm

    Christmas in August! Thank you CraftyFox!

    Christmas in August! Thank you CraftyFox!
  5. jrm

    smoking More bbq fun.

  6. jrm

    Hatch chili time!

    I’m going to test one of my green Joe E. Parker’s today (had a crack in it 🙄). Going to let all the rest go red. Will report back after I try it.
  7. jrm

    smoking More bbq fun.

    Here ya go Downriver! This better? Ribs are on, and got my reserve wood going. Mix of hickory and pecan, with a little apple smoke as well. Only thing missing is a ghost pepper Bloody Mary (store wasn’t opened yet. 😔)
  8. jrm

    smoking More bbq fun.

    Depends on where you are! 😂
  9. jrm

    Hatch chili time!

    Wish I could be there! 😔.
  10. jrm

    Hatch chili time!

  11. jrm

    smoking More bbq fun.

    Rack of baby backs seasoned late (last night), with my rub, homemade bbq sauce reducing as we speak, pasta salad marinating….tomorrow is going to be a tasty day!
  12. jrm

    fermenting Fermented aging

    Just started a vacuum bags ferment from some of last years final pull. Equal parts shishito, and unripe chocolate ghosts and 3.5 percent fine ground kosher salt. Goin’ to give it a week or 2 and see what happens.
  13. jrm

    storage How do make jalapenos last in storage so when we want them they havnt rotted? Its driving me insane.

    I used the freezer bag method last season. Kept them in the fridge till bag was full, then froze or dehydrated (I actually split the difference). Worked out for me.
  14. jrm

    pests Stuck between a rock and a hard place (aphids)

    Maybe neem oil? Or maybe an herb based oil?
  15. jrm

    Next to My Chair - Bowls of Bonnets

    Planning on trying that a few plants this year.
  16. jrm

    I agree with Rymerpt 100 percent! Out of the blue last night, a member messaged me offering...

    I agree with Rymerpt 100 percent! Out of the blue last night, a member messaged me offering to send me some seeds because I have never done baccatum! I was amazed at the generosity. Of course, I sent him a list of what I am growing right now, and said I would respond in kind (if...
  17. jrm

    Next to My Chair - Bowls of Bonnets

  18. jrm

    pod Another year, another gift.

    Honestly, I didn’t notice if they did or not (and the pic I took doesn’t show it either 🙄)
  19. jrm


    My first super hot was a ghost as well. Never eaten a whole pod of any chili, challenge style. I always cut off a chunk and eat it Maybe a video series on the YouTube channel! Members eating a whole pod of their spiciest grow each year?! Yea it’s late. And alcohol is involved. 😂