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    flavor Nature Vs. Nurture

    So I just found a red pepper labelled as "Scotch Bonnet" at a Publix in Fort Lauderdale - they looked great. When I cut a few open, they were VERY disappointing - barely a hint of that scotch bonnet flavor, and the heat was severely lacking as well. I'm wondering if this is more likely caused...
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    chinense Chinense Flavor in PNW

    I'm growing both outdoors and in an unheated high tunnel on an island in the PNW, and looking for some suggestions on Chinenses that have strong flavor and relatively short time to maturity or at least do well in our cool weather. I really want to find both a seasoning pepper variety or two and...
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    Hi, I'm Eric. I'm a big fan of the flavor of scotch bonnets etc, and growing in an unheated high tunnel on an island in the pacific northwest. Really interested in finding more cold-tolerant varieties that will give me the heat and flavor I'm looking for reliably with our cool summers.