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  1. Fatalii_Llama

    fermenting Anybody seen this before in a brine ferment?

    Wondering if it's just because I overfill and it expanded or what , but it's scaley.....
  2. Fatalii_Llama

    for-sale Mixed variety pack SFRB $20

    Mix of peppers to include any of the following in random amounts: Fatalii Carbonera Chocolate bhut Chocolate scotch bonnet Chocolate habenero BOC Red Savina Scotch brain Bhut Jolokia Aji charapita Death spiral Aji fantasy white Reaper Jamaican mushroom Bahamian goat
  3. Fatalii_Llama

    pod Grenada Seasoning Pepper

    Hi everyone, I got some seed from and purchased Grenada seasoning pepper. I just had a couple turn ripe. The flavor is fantastic! I'm growing 80 varieties this year and so far.the flavor of this one is definitely in the top ranks. That being said, mine are all uniform to this...
  4. Fatalii_Llama

    misc Golden Demon?

    anyone heard of a Golden Demon pepper? I just picked up a seedling at a local greenhouse. I have not heard of it. It was a handwritten tag and there was no other information........ Nothing to take a picture of at this time either. Just curious!! Thanks. 
  5. Fatalii_Llama

    plant Need some help. 8 peppers unknown! Thanks!!

    Hello All! I could really use your help identifying some peppers. I dont know if I grabbed from the wrong bag, labeled wrong, received wrong seeds, have cross pollination going on etc. I will post a list of EVERY seed I own in hopes that helps since I cant guarantee I didn't grab something...
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    Fatalii Llama 2020

    2020 Grow Log- I am a novice still, but learning a ton and thought it would be fun to document my success and FAILURES. It might prevent others from falling into the same traps I have.    Goals for 2020: Grow tons of varieties of peppers so I can try them all and really hone in on what types I...
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    plant labeling

    What have you all found to be the best method? I havent had much luck with things lasting through the season....... I have tried Popsicle stick (they rot and ink warps on the wood), plastic label stakes (marker faded away). I use a milwaukee Ink zall pen. It works, but I am still having...
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    legal Do I need a license?

    not trying to hijack this post, but this thread sparked a question in me as well. Are there any special license needed to ship plants state to state or seeds (as a business)?
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    Fatalii Pepper Flake Mix

    If anyone is interested, I would like to sell 4 ounces of Pepper flake mix. Its a mixture of Fatalii, Chocolate Habenero and Chocolate Bhut Jolokia.   $22 Shipped. From my 2019 harvest. I can throw in a bag of dehydrated orange Bhut Jolokia as well for free. Honestly, I am trying to show my wife...
  10. Fatalii_Llama

    source Khang Starr seeds (crosses)

    Anyone know a member that I can source these seeds from? A few sound amazing like lemon starburst, white thai cross, etc. They sound like very fun peppers to grow. I see all my youtube favorites growing them so they must be good!
  11. Fatalii_Llama

    PH help!

    Guys,   I just blended up a fermentation of peppers that I am going to cook and bottle....... This time the fermentation (45 days) only came out to 4.5 on the PH meter. Is this ok as long as I add an acid to drop it down further? I havent had a ferment come out less than 4.0 for me...
  12. Fatalii_Llama

    fermenting After fermentation additions

    Hello everyone, I have a great yield coming to a close soon and have been fermenting (brine method) a lot of fun concoctions to try. I have a few questions that I am still unclear on from a safety/shelf stable standpoint that i want to achieve. Please note that all my ferments so far have been...
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    wanted WTB Seeds:

    Zapotec Jalepeno Golden cayenne Peri peri/piri piri/pili pili Aji fantasy
  14. Fatalii_Llama

    Top 5 Peppers (Multiple Categories) Rank Yours!

    Please forgive me if a similar thread already exists. I looked around and couldn't find one..... As a relatively new chili fanatic, I am looking for everyone else's favorite peppers. I branched out a bit this year and had my first really successful growing season here in Michigan. I am...
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    not a bhut jolokia

    I grow most of my peppers from seed, but this particular plant came from a local nursery. It was labeled as ghost pepper, but it certainly doesnt look like a ghost to me? I bought two plant, the other with an identical label is indeed a ghost pepper :) Can anyone assist. 
  16. Fatalii_Llama

    Hello from Michigan

    Very excited to become a member and learn from all you pepper lovers! I've only been doing it a couple years now and just starting to learn sauce making. Growing the following this year in my garden: Aji lemon, fatalli, habenero, Cheyenne, cayenne, jalapeno, aji Amarillo, chocolate habanero...