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    shopping Are there any respectable places to get Carolina Reaper seeds or plants from Northern Illinois?

    I know I can order seeds from Puckerbutt, apparently the only online place well known to sell actual reapers after Pepper Joe's got sold off, and that a lot of places claim to have Carolina Reapers and other superhots but they are actually something else, but is anyone aware of any places in...
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    seeds What would be a good time to plant Carolina Reaper seeds in Chicago suburbs?

    I haven't had much luck trying to grow these. Last year I came the closest and actually managed to get a few peppers.... but seems I had planted them too late and by the time they were really starting to bear peppers the frost set in and killed them. Didn't help that it was near-freezing last...
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    seeds Just started seeds in paper towels, should I use a light or heating mat?

    I just put several hot pepper seeds (Carolina Reaper, Brazilian Moruga, and Chocolate Moruga Brain) in wet paper towels to start them using this video (yes yes I know I am very late)    Thing is, do I need to put them under a grow light? Or not yet...
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    Hello from Illinois!

    Greetings! Been trying to grow superhots for a few years now... hopefully someday I'll be successful. :(