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    What's this all about? How does it work? I looked on the section, but didn't really get anything from it. I'm having evil thoughts... :hell:
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    Well... Hello (again)

    It's been about a bazillion years since I've been on here. By the looks of things I have a LOT of catching up to do, and a million new members to welcome. For those of you who know me, I'm no longer in New Mexico... My wife and I headed a little further west and are living on the San...
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    Ugh..... crazy things happening at Devil Duck Central. WAY too many to list, but I did get my peppers in this year. I also may have another little DD surprise up my sleeve.... It involves Cayenne peppers. That's all I'm saying for now. Wheeeeeeeeeee..............! :hell::hell::hell:
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    I need a new job.....

    As many of you know, I teach driver's ed for a paycheck these days.... Last night makes me want to reevaluate things. I had this Cuban immigrant who thinks she's a good driver and won't listen to a damn thing any instructor has to tell her. She constantly runs stop signs, red lights, dive...
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    The countdown is on

    In less than 3 hours, I'll be getting an e-mail with a few drum charts. An hour later a phone call to audition those parts. If I pass this audition, it will definitely change my life. Right now, all I can do is wait.
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    Well, here it is. My interview with Enjoy.
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    Send the good vibes!

    Well, after about 2 years of having no/crappy paying jobs, I have a really good chance to turn it all around. On February 17th, I have an audition with Royal Caribbean/Celebrity Cruise Lines to be a drummer for the show bands and featured artists. The only down side is.... If I get this gig...
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    Whoa.... What's all this? I'm posting???? Sorry for the lack of participation on here as of late. Things have been really screwy here at Devil Duck Central. I won't go into detail, but yeah....screwy is an appropriate term. I am going to try to make an bigger effort to get back here with...
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    Check it.
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    I'm going to be sad...

    I had to sell this beauty. At least it's going to a friend and I can visit every once in awhile. Now I can finally get this month's rent paid. I'm getting plowed (really drunk) and shooting a few final games this evening. :oops:
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    McCain & Palin like it hot too!

    Here's a YouTube link for a video of McCain and Palin stopping by the El Pinto restaurant to grab some salsa. McCain got 2 jars of Medium and 2 jars of Hot. Pay close attention to the cash register display. You people who've been here to the Fiery Foods Show are probably more than fammiliar...
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    Finally found a pic...

    ...of me on a movie set. I had to wade through a gazillion pictures to find one. Just as I was starting to give up hope, the very last pic has me in it. Us sound guys aren't very popular with the still photographers. I'm at the back of the Caddy holding the boom mic.... Black t-shirt.
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    movies Doing another movie

    Yep, and apparently, my reputation precedes me. I show up to the crew meeting this evening and I'm greeted like a rock star by people I've never met before. I haven't even seen the last two flicks I did, but apparently the audio is amazing. Most of it didn't even need a mixdown. This...
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    Nothing like a little stroke...

    For real. Sunday night, I started "stroking out" here at home. Weird feeling, that is. Kinda hard to talk to the paramedics when all that will come out of your mouth is, "Twelve". Anyway, I spent over 16 hours getting CT scans (3 of those) and the all-not-so-fun lumbar puncture...aka: spinal...
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    annuum JalapeƱos Probed In Outbreak

    Great, just what this industry needs....
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    What they actually do during DNA studies.....

    The top picture is how the string of DNA is wound, the second row is a computer generated image of what they are trying to make, and the third and fourth row are actual pictures of the objects.
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    The Zots

    Here are a few pictures from our last gig. I'm playing a Roland TD-6 (electric drums) due to stage limitations... there are 6 of us. Anyway... enjoy.
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    condiment Buddha's Salsa

    I was lucky enough to get a jar of this homemade goodness back at the end of February, during the Fiery Foods Show. I don't know what's in it, pepper wise, but the flavors are really good and right up front. Onions...must be three different kinds in there. Tomatoes..... same thing. Both...
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    7 words....

    Mr. Carlin, it was a pleasure knowing ya. :(:(:(