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  1. AlabamaJack

    seeds Pepper seed germination temperature

    This post is for information on the prime seed starting temperature...simply a link I found from the University of Florida's Ag research group.   A must read for the new (or old) pepper gardener...   The top graph on the...
  2. AlabamaJack

    seeds Starting Seeds - how I do it

    I wrote a this few years ago as information on how to start seeds...(actually so I could remember)   How To Start Pepper Seeds   First off I do NOT know all there is to know about growing peppers, nor would I ever claim to.  I learn new things and methods each year.  I wanted to share with...
  3. AlabamaJack

    AJs 2018 Grow Log

    I might as well go ahead and start my growlog for 2018, since I have already started thinking about updating the lighting in my growrage.   I intend it to be a diary I write in almost daily, definitely days I am working the process.   I hope and pray everyone has a very successful 2018 in...
  4. AlabamaJack

    Time to Relight

    I am getting the fever again and am wanting to upgrade my lighting for my "growrage".   The germinator is fine the way it is.     The grow box is what I am wanting to update...   Currently, I have 18 42 watt CFLs which equals 756 watts (power consumption) that are 6500K color temperature for...
  5. AlabamaJack

    Well, I'll be damned

    Well, I'll be's smells like peppers in here....wonder why...   Hello gang...long time   I am back to peruse the content and say hello to old friends for a while...   ​AJ
  6. AlabamaJack

    Dammit Jim

    I'm just a doctor
  7. AlabamaJack

    Unknown Pod Identification

    First off, let me say I am by no means the "chili authority"...but...over the years I have learned a few things...   The very first thing I learned is that if YOU don' t know what seeds you planted, there is absolutely no way in hell to know what pods you are going to end up with...   I see...
  8. AlabamaJack

    AJ's 2015 season prep

    OK...being back a week or so has got me with the bug again....and I am getting ready to start prepping for my 2015 season...starting with my yard...   I have a very large area I can grow in and can accommodate up to about 400 plants....have had 373 in the past...   this post is the start of a...
  9. AlabamaJack

    hobbies How many people are gamers?

    I bought an Xbox 360 last Fall and am absolutely loving it...   who else plays?
  10. AlabamaJack

    wanted 7 Pot - looking for about 5 lbs

    anyone have about 5 lbs of 7 pot peppers, preferably from an original Trinidad's time to make some more puree for personal use...I am pretty picky about what I use and really want the standard 7 pot peppers...
  11. AlabamaJack

    Wild Tepin

    Not much to show this year but I do have one plant growing that I am proud of...this plant is about 7 years old and I just can't seem to kill it....even leaving it outside for the past 3 winters...   This is an inigenous wild Tepin from Waco, Texas.  The bass player in our band back then gave me...
  12. AlabamaJack

    For all you golfer's...

    yup...I would giggle too after he swung
  13. AlabamaJack

    seeds Long Tailed Scorpion Seeds...

    A couple/three years ago, I sent out a bunch of Trinidad Scorpion Seeds that had very long tails.  I believed these pods were crossed with Bhuts since they were grown in close proximity to one another...   Did anyone ever grow them?
  14. AlabamaJack

    <<<<<<<======= He's Back....

    Hello Gents...haven't been on in a long time and decided to get "back in the game"....the rest of this year, I am making prep's for next years a lot to do....I don't plan on growing as many plants as I have in the past but one never knows...   Hope all have been doing well....  ...
  15. AlabamaJack

    Bought a Boat

    I bought an old "new boat"...that's why I have not been around much my butt off... this time of year is my favorite...3 days before the full moon in March (full moon is the 24th) until 3 days after the full moon in April...I usually can load up my freezer with crappie by...
  16. AlabamaJack

    I'm Back Around

    Hey folks... Last years divorce hit me kinda hard and totally unexpected...I was not upset with anyone on this site but just decided to go into seclusion for a while... I am back now... Hope everyone has a great day
  17. AlabamaJack

    HVAC Question

    There was a small thunderstorm come through this morning about 3 am.... the power went on and off a couple of times... Now my heat pump is blowing hot air out of the family room/kitchen vents while the other vents in the house are blowing cool/cold air... Anyone else experience something like...
  18. AlabamaJack

    You Won't Believe This....

    I got home Sunday afternoon from playing a couple of gigs down in Luckenbach this past weekend and was hit in the face flush with a totally unexpected "I...... want a divorce"... Stunned, I sat there for a second...not too long...then simply said "Bust a gut".... Evidently she has been making...
  19. AlabamaJack

    Yellow Trinidad Scorpion - 1/2 lb Fresh Pods ***OFFER CLOSED***

    I have two Small Flat Rate Boxes full of Yellow Scorpions...$25.00 each covers postage...PayPal only...US Only Picked this morning at 7 am.... packed and ready to go...they are in the refrigerator right now cooling down...
  20. AlabamaJack

    Yellow 7 Pot - One SFRB - $25.00 ***Offer Closed***

    I have one Small Flat Rate Box of Yellow 7 Pot Pods that were picked at 7 am this morning...this offer is only good today and tomorrow...the weight of the peppers is 233 grams (a little over 1/2 lb) - these are the best looking yellow 7s I have grown to date... I will not call these...