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    About 2 months ago, I started germinating 25 + varieties of pepper seeds. Each variety has there own plastic baggie, that had hydrogen peroxide, water, seeds and coffee filters in. For the first 2 weeks, I had the seeds on a heating mat. Not one of the seeds has germinated and I don't know where...
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    Hot pepper Candy Recipe....?.????

    Also that's some guy, I have to try that :)
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    Math test. I thought this was hilarious!

    That's something I would write lol
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    Hot pepper Candy Recipe....?.????

    DO Not, I REPEAT, DO NOT !!!!!!!! I Tried to make hard candy, and let me tell you..... It felt like the whole house has been smoked with tear gas. As soon as I put the powder in, all hell broke loose. On top of that the house smelled like @ss and the candy was burnt . I'm not going to try this...
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    $80 T5 4 bulb 4 ft fixture

    20 dollars for 2x4ft and t8 lights, and at any walmart/home depot. Works like a charm.
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    grocery store pepper id

    Scotch Bonnet x Orange Habanero   :fireball:
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    Need help figuring out what type chile this is...

    Tabasco? It also looks like a ornamental pepper I grew before called "basket of fire"
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    favorite What is your favorite pepper in terms of taste (doesn't need to be super hot)?

    Orange Habanero, that will change next summer, trying a lot of new peppers.
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    If you do not pinch off flowers, talk to me

    Heck I'm overwintering 20 plus peppers under cheap 2x4 fluorescent lights. I'm to lazy to pinch off all the flowers, so I leave them. Most just fall off after a while, but one flowers turned into a 1 1/2 inch pepper lol. Let them flower, it gives the pepper plant something to do in the winter...
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    Hot pepper Candy Recipe....?.????

    Thanks guys
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    Flourecent Light---which one??

    6500k daylight. I have grown tons of peppers and tomato plants with cheap 2x4 shop lights. Also t8s won't burn leaves.
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    Hot pepper Candy Recipe....?.????

    I have some bhut Jolkia powder and 7 pod powder and want to make hot candy. Looking all over the internet has only gave me one recipe. I'm thinking about making some suckers and a jaw breaker. Please if any one has a recipe, please share. A recipe without corn syrup is preferred. Thank you.
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    Today I tried my first curry ever and it was so good! It was extra hot green curry from a Thai restraint. The heat was ok.(I put super hot powder on everything, so tolerance is higher than an average joe) What curry's do you eat? Which curry should I try next?
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    We got ourselves a hook!

    I would wait. When you start seeing green, then it's time for some soil. Hmm. Am I the only one that waits?
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    Try a -35 degree windshield, in Michigan.

    Try a -35 degree windshield, in Michigan.
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    event Prepping for my 1st fest! What do I need?

    Some exotic dancers. ;-D
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    How to make a pepper plant short and bushy?

    Yep, Pune, Prune,Prune :-D