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  1. sicman

    Greetings fellow chili heads.

    I never actually introduced myself. Hope to contribute some and learn a few things. Thanks for the add, where can a guy get a drink around here?
  2. sicman

    for-sale Cheap Containers

    Central Florida peeps I have thousands of nursery containers. Never used, mostly 1 gallon and 5 gallon cheaters. Great deals if anyone wants to come pick up a string or two. A string is 50 count. No set price, come get what you want.
  3. sicman

    cooking Chicken Cordon Bleu Lasagna

    Ingredients and cut pic coming, just snapped pic fresh from oven. Needs a few hours to rest.
  4. sicman

    Happy birthday catherinew

    Have a wonderful day wonderful woman. 
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    Have 6 plants growing. Besides keeping our cats doped up we have been making tea. We use the leaf, lemon grass, oregano and several other herbs for a nice relaxing night time brew. Chewing the root can be used as a stimulant. Very good stuff. Really getting into medicinal plants. Greenhouse is...
  6. sicman

    Can not log in on phone.

    I can not log in on phone, have to use laptop. Im using right email and password. Ive been trying since last night. No way ive messed it up that many times. Any ideas?
  7. sicman

    So what happens?

    I'm drunk and delusional laying in a motel room somewhere in Florida after 3 days of some hard cycling. I'm serious though, what happens to the site if bossman dies? This isn't morbid or inappropriate its life. For real what will happen? I would hate just for the site to end.
  8. sicman

    2 pounds of chocolate morugas and chocolate douglahs

    1.910 pounds, just picked. $40.00, shipping and handling included.
  9. sicman

    Florida to Tennessee on a bicycle.

    A friend and I rode our bicycles from Dade city Florida to Smyrna Tennessee. 751.5 miles in 5 days. Amazing time.                  
  10. sicman

    Getting my twist on.

    Loaded with bacon,cream cheese,colby jack, sausage,beef, onions,jalapenos.  
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    These are happening.

    We are having mumu make custom cycling kits for us. Took a while back and forth with design ideas but this is the final product. Already have a few friends ordering them also. Will be cool advertisment cruising around the state and beyond.      Will post actual pics of kits when we get them. 
  14. sicman

    Chocolate Outrage

    This is the hottest powder blend we have ever offered. Hope you enjoy.     Chocolate Outrage Powder is a blend of Chocolate Bhut Jolokia Peppers, Chocolate Moruga Peppers, Chocolate Douglah Peppers, and Chocolate Bhutlah Peppers. The flavor is earthy, smoky, and bold. The only sweet thing about...
  15. sicman

    Happy birthday RocketMan

    Have a great day.
  16. sicman

    Florida Sunshine

    We are excited to offer this season's first powder blend! We are calling it Florida Sunshine Powder.......It is sure to light up any dish with floral, citrus overtones, and it will warm you up as well. Blended from our yellow peppers, it is a mix of bhut jolokia (ghost pepper), devil's tongue...
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    All orders of 2 or more boxes from now until Monday the eleventh at 11:59 P.M. will receive a free box of peppers. You order 2 you get 3, you order 3 you get 4 and so on. No need for any coupon or code just visit our website by clicking the banner below, place your order and your free box will...
  18. sicman

    The first one.

    First one that posts gets a free box of peppers.    United States only.      
  19. sicman

    Mixed boxes

    Go to website for payment options. Thanks and enjoy.
  20. sicman

    Mixed boxes

    Have a few available for tomorrows shipping. Paying options on our website,click banner below          Thanks and enjoy.