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  1. Mr. West

    pot worms?

    I was making tea from earthworm castings, just by steeping them overnight. I noticed there were small white worms in the sediment at the bottom of the bottle. At first, I thought they were from cocoons that had hatched.  I found an article about pot worms that might explain them better. I'll be...
  2. Mr. West

    First flower is unusually small

      This is the first flower to open on a 7 pot primo yellow. It's about half the size I'm used to seeing from other chinense varieties I've grown. I pinched and pruned for a while before letting my plants flower. Now, they're forming a lot of buds at once. Also, I moved them outside on the 1st...
  3. Mr. West

    Lemon Pepper Fish

      1/2  tsp turmeric 1/2  tsp sea salt 1/2  tsp old bay 4     cups rice 4     stalks lemongrass 2     tilapia filets 1     sprig dill 1     juice of lemon 4     small habanero (peach pheno with sprite flavor) 1/2  tsp black pepper
  4. Mr. West

    Insect frass

    Thinking about ordering some frass to boost my plants immune system with the chitin and beneficials. Seeking input, experiential knowledge, anecdotal evidence, etc. I was also considering azamax, just to have it on hand. Break glass in case of infestation. All this in anticipation of putting my...
  5. Mr. West

    First time starting spinach

    I just germinated Bloomsdale Long Standing spinach. I soaked 36 seeds for about a day, and used paper towel method in bag. I have 12 already sprouted in seed cells with organic potting mix. 5 more that germinated later have been moved from the paper towel to cups. The rest of the attempted seeds...
  6. Mr. West

    Synchronized ripening

    How do you get your plants to ripen all of their pods at the same time? I usually harvest a few pods at a time as they color up, leaving the green ones to finish. Now that I've started many types of plants from seed (indoors), I want to achieve the consistent uniform ripening I've seen on vendor...
  7. Mr. West

    Datil way off pheno I topped this plant several times before allowing it to set fruit. Less than a foot tall; about 4 months old. The plant is from seed: F3 sweet datil. At the time of harvest, I wasn't growing anything but datils. Where I live, there's practically zero chance it was...
  8. Mr. West

    7 Pots & Scotch Bonnets (2018- )

    I just received 11 cultivars I ordered from White Hot Peppers: 7 pot yellow 7 pot primo yellow 7 pot barrackpore yellow 7 pot bubblegum yellow 7 pot yellow x 7 pot douglah Sb7j Scotch Brains Scotch Bonnet MOA Scotch Bonnet TFM Bonda ma jacques Bahamian goat I also received 7 different seed...
  9. Mr. West

    pests What's this bug's eggs?

    Looks like acupuncture needles. I'm guessing they are egg sacs hanging from the underside of a leaf. Possibly a spider, judging from the thin strands they are suspended by. I see this occasionally, and i just remove them by hand. But I'm curious uhhhh... what are they?
  10. Mr. West

    water Water before liquid feed?

    I've heard it's good to water before giving nutrient solution. Especially if your soil is dry. Thirsty roots want water foremost. One reason being to prevent nute burn or shock. Another reason being to saturate the media first to allow better absorption and prevent runoff of the nutrients to...
  11. Mr. West

    Cup of dirt

    Recipe calls for: oreo crumbs chocolate pudding gummy worms thinly sliced pepper (i find that habanero pairs nicely with the chocolate and gummies) sprig of mint for garnish You may also choose to sift confectioner's sugar over the top (this will be the proverbial diatomaceous earth to keep...
  12. Mr. West

    Florida datil peppers

    Currently, I'm growing hundreds of datil plants, all of which were started as seeds saved from last year's pods off my 3 original plants. These are now about 4 years old, and the first round of seedlings broke ground on thanksgiving. Also mixed in are habaneros started from the seeds of store...