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  1. Marturo

    seeds How soon?
  2. Marturo

    misc Chiltepins??

    My Chiltepins & Pequins got a very late start yet they are doing real good here in the Mountains.
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    shopping Buying seed from overseas.

    An import permit issued by APHIS specifies which seed species can enter the country and under what conditions. These conditions can include treatment, packaging, labeling, and shipping requirements, among other things. Only U.S. residents may apply for an import permit. Most seeds for planting...
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    shopping Buying seed from overseas.

    Do you ship to the US I asked. We have not for a while but we might have a way! If you want to try, here’s how to get a 3 year seed import permit for free! Heres how: - Select form PPQ-587 and email me the permit and shipping label you get at -...
  5. Marturo

    seeds What is your seed separating / cleaning technique?

    I have always chosen a very ripe pepper cut it in half & spread the seeds on a paper plate, not paper towel to dry. Then I take them & store them in a self made paper envelope for next spring. Never felt the need for hot air drying, the seeds dry out well at normal air temperatures & keep...
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    misc Chiltepins??

    I was desperate to find some real Chiltepins before it was to late this spring. After I got them the seeds were too large to be chiltepins but they got planted out of curiosity. I'm still looking for old Mexican Heirloom peppers however I won't be looking on Amazon. The real...
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    misc Chiltepins??

    Just a quick up date. I found a few reddish peppers down low on the plant & had to try one. Yea I know it has to be a bastardized Thai hot or sumpin. So I put it in me mouth & chewed it. Sweet fruity & where's the spice? Seeds and all it was a spice let down, yet it does taste pretty...
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    preservation Drying frozen peppers?

    Yes it works well for overflow peppers.
  9. Marturo

    plant Xochiteco, really an Annuum?

    A great pepper to grow.
  10. Marturo

    plant Xochiteco, really an Annuum?

    U tube has very little on this pepper, I find it hard to get info on it so far.
  11. Marturo

    plant Xochiteco, really an Annuum?

    My Rayado's ( Thanks to @Bou ) all have the most beautiful leaves & bracts ,the plant looks beautifully toxic. :) I noticed the fuzzy look as well ,it is a truly beautiful pepper plant..
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    pests Stuck between a rock and a hard place (aphids)

    This works for me.
  13. Marturo

    pests Please Help Identify Bugs

    Just an idea. Why not take a pic & give it to Google lens? I have been testing it, & it does rally well so far on plants & insects.
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    Hello Hot Pepper Forum

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    misc Chiltepins??

    I will post pics of the mystery pepper when it ripens.
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    misc Chiltepins??

    I have 3 Amazon Chiltepins that look like this. Not at all like my real Chilitepins.
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    pics Harvest

    Getting ready to roast some tomatillos & a mix of sweet & hots for some Salsa Verde.
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    Hello from NC!

    Welcome to THP.
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    pest Holes, leaf drop banana pepper

    Looks like worms to me. I use a weekly Spinosad spray & a biofungiside with Nu Film 17 sticker & WP Surround with with great results.
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    misc One gallon fermenting jars.

    Just got this kit for our 1/2 gallon ball jars.