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    for-sale Mixed Super Hot Boxes

    Glad the peppers made it safe. Enjoy!
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    fermenting pH and safety after first week?

    I usually try to get mine down to 4.0 or below. It usually takes at least a couple weeks. A problem you will run into is if you bottle too soon it may begin to ferment again and blow up when you open it. As far as tasting I do but I grab some from under the surface to avoid any contaminants that...
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    wanted Box of interesting mild to medium peppers with thick flesh

    I am going out to the garden today and will check. We have serrano, jalapeno, cherry bomb as far as thick flesh go. Would you be interested in these?
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    for-sale Mixed Super Hot Boxes

    Hi Guys, The super hots are coming in faster than I can get rid of them. Was wondering if anyone would be interested in a box. I was making one for my son today and I made 3 more identical boxes. Each box contains 32 peppers as follows: 3 Cheiro Do Norte 2 Yellow Douglah 3 Reaper x Ghost 2...
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    Hello, I am James

    Thanks everyone.
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    Hello, I am James

    Hi! Long time gardener and hot sauce maker. I have been looking around to find a place to talk about everything hot peppers and sauces. Now I have around 120 super hot and hot pepper plants growing in our gardens that we make sauce with and sell at farmers markets. Looking forward to learning...