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  1. peppamang

    trade SFRB of Mixed Peppers for trade/sale?

    Anyone interested in trading some homemade sauces for a sfrb full of peppers? Or you could buy them. I've got too much of a bounty this year and there's no point in me freezing anymore.    sugar rush creme aji dulce pasilla de oaxaca hogsweed lemon drop purple ufo serrano aji white lightning...
  2. peppamang

    Garden Grow

    Hey! I hope you are all having a good start of the season. Loving this warm weather so far.    First year having an in-ground garden. No longer living in the NJ pine barrens with that awful sandy "soil". Living right out of Philly these days and the soil is nice clay. Peppers seem to love it.   ...
  3. peppamang

    preservation Preserving Pepper in Vinegar

    I'm a total kitchen noob. The farthest I've gone in the past is flakes and some limited bbq knowledge. Today, I decided to embark on the journey of trying my first attempt to keep peppers overwinter, other than freezing them.      Pic heavy, so prepare yourselves     Hand washing each pepper...
  4. peppamang

    overwintering Overwintered plant, before and after!

    Just thought I'd share this with you guys and gals, I was very glad I was able to help it thrive again.      After!    
  5. peppamang

    Last Harvest and Praying Mantis Eggs

    Hey guys and gals of THP. I hope everyone is doing well! Just finished my last big harvest.  Can you guess the varieties?  :P Still waiting for a few more pubes Praying mantis LOVE the c. praetermissum! I think I can take these egg sacs inside, and place them in the fridge and then hatch them...
  6. peppamang

    My first powder!

    Well, closer to flakes since I had to chop it by hand. But it's delicious! 
  7. peppamang

    Need help with ideas and recipes.

    Hey everyone. I'm always enthralled by your delicious looking sauces and foods. I'm good at growing the stuff, but damn I cannot cook. I have a lot of peppers this year, and I don't know what to do with them. I don't want to end up like last year where I just had bags and bags of hot peppers in...
  8. peppamang

    What's wrong with these Aji Habanero?

    Quite a few having this issue... What's the problem? Blossom end rot? Thank you. 
  9. peppamang

    What are you planning to grow next year?

    I wanna hear your grow lists and seeds you're looking for! I'm starting a grow list for next year now and I wanted to get some ideas. No better place to look for nice varieties other than here. I'll start, so far I'm planning on growing...   Aji Jobito Biquinho Rezha Macedonian Black Pearl P...
  10. peppamang

    Pubes, mutants, and ripening

    Mini Rocoto doing great, but it seems to hate the heat. We get a cool day, it puts out 15 flowers, then the next day they drop.      One pod so far!     Habaneros look like they've got tails, might have ended up with something a little hotter than what I was looking for.      This guy looks like...
  11. peppamang

    pest Pest Damage ID help

    Got these bugs all over the plants now, they do this thing where they jump to the other side of the stem they're sucking on so you can't see them. They're pretty hard to find. I read online somewhere they're bad for pepper plants, vineyards, and other stuff.   Anyways, here's the damage I've...
  12. peppamang

    2017 Early Poddage

    Never had peppers this early, so I'm pretty excited. Let me show you what Im working with.  Ton of Bhut Orange Copenhagen podding up. These are hot as hell, and quite frankly I don't know what to do with em. They're really delicious green though, almost a peach flavor.    Aji Jobito. Thanks...
  13. peppamang

    vendor Is this even possible? Title says it all.    It definitely wouldn't carry through seed, let alone even be fertile would it? 
  14. peppamang

    disease Cucumber Mosaic Virus or natural variegation?

    Alright so I've been looking at this pepper for a while, since it popped it's had this variegation and I always thought it was natural. However, I just learned about CMV and it looks fairly similar. Before I kill this plant and cry about my loss, can I have the opinion of someone more...
  15. peppamang

    2017 Grow Update

    All of my photobucket links died on my last topic, so I'll just start anew.  It's been about 2 months since the seeds hit dirt, and I'm pretty happy with their progress.  Here's a picture of the leaf of the first "wild" variety I've attempted to grow, c. praetermissum.    Some interesting...
  16. peppamang

    Mang's 2017 Peppa Grow

    Seeds started on 2/26/17   Pic of heatless hab- I've got all these in just the cheap stuff from hardware store, not too much heat and no lights other than the sun. It's only been a couple weeks so Im still expecting a lot more to come up this week. ...
  17. peppamang

    Is This a 7 Pot?

    Hey all, plants just recently started putting out pods and I have no idea what this is. I know I grew 7 pot's this year but these look nothing like mine last year.    Thanks!
  18. peppamang

    vendor Anyone ever order from this site?   Found this site searching around today in preparation for next years growing season (jumping the gun a bit? lol) and stumbled upon this site. Anyone have any experience with this site? Im trying to buy black/purple pepper...