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  1. RaelThomas

    Has anyone heard from Omri since he left?

    He seemed to drop off the interwebs entirely. Has anyone heard from him?   I know there was some fighting going on fairly close to where he was at the time, I often think of the guy.
  2. RaelThomas

    Raelaceae GLOG 16-17 - Victoria, Australia

    Hey all, Thought I'd start a belated GLOG and share some pics. It's been a bit of a challenge as I've moved TWICE since the start of the season. Though, managed to get some plants in the ground. Despite losing many a tag in the process. :onfire:  Amish Bush Hot Beads Hot Beads x ? Jalapeno...
  3. RaelThomas

    wanted LOOKING FOR "Chunpepe" C. frutescens

    Anyone? Seems to be hard to find, and I love some me some frut. Willing to trade for seeds (or sauce, I suppose).
  4. RaelThomas

    New Queens of the Stone Age

    Is :censored: awesome! Second?   That's all :) Hope everyone is well!
  5. RaelThomas

    Daylesford Chilli + The Resignators LTD Edition

    Melbourne based Ska band The Resignators, in celebration of their latest LP 'Down in Flames', have teamed up with Daylesford Chilli to bring you this devilish, flamewrought creation. The band is embarking on an Australian throughout march/April. Bottles are available as of Thursday at their...
  6. RaelThomas

    JungleRain's 'White Lightning'

    Preamble/Rant Having tested JR's line last year, I was pretty happy to see them up for sale so I could grab some full sized bottles. I chose the following two sauces (of nine), as I found I used these two (and also Scorched Earth) the most frequently. I particularly missed having a bottle of...
  7. RaelThomas

    music Members Music

    I'm thinking, knowing that a few others here play in bands etcetera, that it might be cool to have a thread where said people can share their stuff. Just a thought! Share away :party:
  8. RaelThomas

    Problem ID

    Hi all, I have encountered a bit of a problem after getting back from Melbourne. I was only gone one day so i moved all my smaller plants (that's most of 'em :lol:) inside under my CFL because of the terrible weather. When I got back I noticed some of my new growth looked ill-formed and yellow...
  9. RaelThomas

    Grow 11/12 - Raelacea

    Here's my final grow list for our 11/12 season. I must send out big TYs to Omri, Cappy, Tom (thaichilihead), Charlie (spicegeist), smokinasschili, THSC & of course THP in it's fully awesome entirety for helping me round out my grow list! This place is great, and you all rock. << I've never...
  10. RaelThomas

    Hot or Cold Bloody Mary

    I know some serious fans will cringe at the idea of a warm BM as I did initially, but it's really awesome. I had one whilst out for brekky after a night involving much... :beer: Not too sure what exactly was in theirs, but I had a crack at it this afternoon and it turned out well! - Tomato...
  11. RaelThomas

    wanted Looking for Brains

    Hey Y'all. I was wondering if anyone can help me out with either of these! I'd prefer to pay as I don't have a large quantity of that on my grow list (unless we're talking; ball chilli, or white bhut). • 7pot - Brain Strain • Infinity Thanks all, Rael. :dance:
  12. RaelThomas

    Wasabi in flower

    Sorry about the lousy iphone cam shots. Thought I'd share this one as well Peyote (Lophophora williamsii) in flower
  13. RaelThomas

    Snake repellent

    Hi there, I was wondering if anyone has any experience with effective snake repellents. It's a big issue on my property as we commonly have tigers, and browns. I am moving out into the field this year so I am a little concerned. Cheers!
  14. RaelThomas

    Your least/most favourite?

    ... and why. Regarding flavour. GO! :woohoo: EDIT: I've notice some disparity recently regarding plants like Antillais caribbean, scorps, etc...
  15. RaelThomas

    A Bunch of Eastern Goodies... and some baddies!

    Hello there THPers! Here are my thoughts on some of my recently acquired eastern chilli products. SRIRACHA • Grand Mountain Sriracha Heat: 5/10 Flavor: 4/10 - not bad, not great. The infamous Huy Fong brand Sriracha wins hands down IMHO. Huy Fong also rates a little higher heat wise...
  16. RaelThomas

    Funky Chunky Yellow Citrus Dunkee

    Hey there THP'rs! Melbourne can be a very terrible place when it comes to Chilli variety, virtually all we get are Red/green cayennes, Thai birds eyes, and the odd jalapeño (which are always horrible) so I was rather excited to find some yellow cayennes (shhhhh!) today as I have been really...
  17. RaelThomas

    for-sale Wholesale peppers in Australia?

    Hi everyone, Does anyone know of a wholesaler in Aus? I have been looking around quite a bit and turned up very little.
  18. RaelThomas

    Plum & Scotch Ghost

    Heya! Got a bit bored today... I kind of winged this one, hence the scrambled ingredients. I only made a very small amount, so this is based on 75ml. • 4 dried jolokia (which I had previously set aside in red/white vinegar) • 1 blood plum • 2 cherry kumato tomatoes • 3 or so cloves o garlic...
  19. RaelThomas

    Korean seeds anyone?

    Hi all, I am desperately looking for some Korean seeds, and in particular one variety. I believe it's called Gochu Tae-yeon (the one used in Kimchi). I am happy to buy or trade :) Refer to my profile for a list of what i have to trade. I don't have a huge amount of seeds however, so 5 for 5 (or...
  20. RaelThomas

    Hi :)

    Hi THP'rs! I have been perusing the forums here for a while now, and thought it was time I took the plunge. I am from Victoria, Australia. Ttyl!