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  1. Masala Mojo


    Dear Ring Of Fire friends, Logging in with news. Just came across this super hot pepper from Mysterious kingdom of Bhutan in Himalayas. I had heard of similar variety from Sikkim and Nepal. But their heat is nothing compared to this Bhutan variety. It is locally named as Dalla, Delia etc. I...
  2. Masala Mojo


    Friends,   I have been accepted as a full fledged Chef by Chef's association of Texas. So your's Truly is officially a Chef Member here.;   Masala Mojo
  3. Masala Mojo

    Kashmiri Chilli Pepper seeds

    Friends,, Even though I have been in India for over 50 years and active chile pepper lover for over 20 years, I had heard of Kashmiri Chilli pepper which is Mild like Paprika and has more intense color than any chilli pepper in world. The color is said to be like Pigeon Blood Red. At last...
  4. Masala Mojo

    Masala Mojo Takes The Stage

    Dear THPians, All of you have known me so far as NJA AKA Naga Jolokia Addict. I got sick of this name and wanted a change. So keeping in tune with my profession as Master Spice Man, I changed my Handle as " MASALA MOJO. Hope all of you would offer the same love and affection that I have...
  5. Masala Mojo

    Just Passed The Food Manager Exam

    Friends, Just passed my Food Manager;s Exam with flying colors. NJA
  6. Masala Mojo


    Friends, A lot of friends have responded with SABSE etc for getting the seeds. I have not been able to send the seeds till date as I am sick with flu. On top of this , my car was broken into and a lot of seeds were stolen with other things. Luckily all your seeds with envelopes were in my...
  7. Masala Mojo

    free This season's Reshampatti seeds for free

    A friend has just sent me wonderful Reshampatti seeds from This year's crop (Hardly a month old). The peppers are blood red and wonderfully long and full of flavor. I can send seeds for free. ( Six to each first ten or so people) Please send self addressed and stamped envelope. NJA
  8. Masala Mojo

    recipe-help "Interesting"Kenyan Goat" recipe............Any Takers?

    Friends, I found this real recipe on net on a food blog. "qote" 16th October 2009, 02:44 PM Chunda Okwot Nega Senior Member Join Date: Sep 2009 Posts: 114 (View Stats) Motura and Toivo Motura 1. Slaughter a very sick goat (sick in that It has less than 1 day before it dies) 2. Prepare...
  9. Masala Mojo


    After a long search of over ten years, I could lay my hands on pure Bydgi /Bydagi chillis of Blood Red color. (Most common color is Orangish Red) .This variety grows in a very small area in the state of Karnataka in Haveri Taluka and is Highly prized variety for its color. I offer seeds in...
  10. Masala Mojo

    wanted Want to buy Bhut Jolokia peppers

    Hi, I want to buy couple of pounds of Bhut Jolokia/Naga Jolokia /Naga Morich (Dry and fresh from this year's crop ) to start with. Only US Growers may reply. Please mail me at hkrtrivediatgmaildotcom. NJA
  11. Masala Mojo

    Mild to Hot Indian pepper powders

    Hey Guys, I took a sabbaticle from here for 6 months because I have joined an Indian Grocery store as Floor manager since April. We sell Pepper (Indian ) powders, Turmeric, Cumin,Coriander, Chai Masala, and all spice mixes for Indian/Pakistani meat dishes like Chicken/Mutton curries, Lamb...
  12. Masala Mojo

    Joined a job...not AWOL

    Friends, I have taken up a job near my house minding a grocery store . Many of you might have missed my silly postings. Thursdays are off till 17 June. So will visit here as and when I can. Cio NJA
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    Dear Friends, Due to mishandling, my cache of seeds from last year and my pepper powders were lost in transit from Detroit to Austin TX. When I went looking for them in the garage yesterday and after thorough search, I drew a blank. The season is starting here. Can any good samaritan send me...
  14. Masala Mojo

    Yogurt Maker for Fast sprouting

    Friends, I kicked off the 2011 season by planting Bydgi seeds using a YOGURT MAKER. This contraption keeps a constant 28 degree C temp. My son bought this yougurt maker from Baby'sRUs and could not make good yougurt because of the lack of good starter culture. It became useless in 1 month...
  15. Masala Mojo

    pickled T&T Fiery Pickle

    Other day, I visited a Lady who gave away some Texan Tepin plants with fruits . I potted the plants for wintering and used Tepin peppers with Thai pepper to make a very fine fiery pickle in Mustard oil. After beeing off hot peppers, this pickle seems a scorcher.Tepins are really Devils but the...
  16. Masala Mojo

    Gondaliya Marcha

    Friends, As most of you know, I was off Hot peppers for about 6 months due to health problems. I broke the Fast with a Bang. I had missed getting my hands on GONDALIYA MARCHA a very old variety of very hot nature (Hotter than Habs)  during my last visit to India. Surprisingly, I got them...
  17. Masala Mojo

    New Mexico Chili Tasting

    If you can read this whole story without laughing, then there's no hope for you. I was crying by the end. This is an actual account as relayed to paramedics at a chilli cook off in New Mexico. Note: Please take time to read this slowly. If you pay attention to the first two judges, the reaction...
  18. Masala Mojo

    Indian Chilli Pepper for LIPSTICKS

      NEW DELHI: Indian women have a reason to smile as scientists have developed a special variety of chilli whose natural colour will be used to manufacture lipsticks and other cosmetics. A team of scientists of Varanasi's Indian Institute of Vegetable Research (IIVR) have developed a special...
  19. Masala Mojo

    What Will You Do If...........

    Friends, Yesterday, I spent most part of the day in clinics and labs. After a great many tests of blood , urine, x rays and CT Scans,  my doc seems to be of the view that I might be having some form of cancer . This is because I have lost 13 punds of weight in last 6 months. All tests will...
  20. Masala Mojo

    Had to be rushed to ER

    Friends, Yesterday, I had to be rushed to ER of Beumont hospital with severe back pain. CT scan revealed a kidney stone .  Undergoing treatment presently. Hope to get well soon. NJA