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  1. winland

    Big Joe and Little Butt

    A couple weeks ago I picked  up ( not literally) a gently used Big Joe for a great price. Last weekend I used it for the first time to do an overnight smoke of an 8 pound pork butt.       Used about 10 pounds or half a big bag of Royal Oaks Lump charcoal and a couple sticks of Cherry wood.    ...
  2. winland

    New to me Meat Grinder

    I just inherited a gently used meat grinder. I have never used one before.   Looking for your bet tips, tricks and suggestions as to grinding beef and chicken, initially.   Sausage will come in time.  
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    Beerland on Viceland

    Don't know if this is a new series or a rerun, but it is kind of fun to watch. Beerland on Viceland channel (directTV)
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    Happy Mother's Day

  5. winland

    Burger press deal today $5

      go to Cave Tools to get the amazon code.  
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    wanted Wanted: Urfa and/or Kil biber pods

    Like the title says, I am looking for a MSFB or more of either of these peppers. Would also take seeds for next season.   PM if you can help me.  
  7. winland

    smoking Beef Plate Ribs

    Got some nice beef plate ribs. Going to smoke them according to Aaron Franklin's instructions on my WSM tomorrow, Sunday. About 7 - 8 hours at 285.   It will be about 100 degrees in my driveway tomorrow according to the weather  reports.     Any suggestions or recommendations.
  8. winland

    Need PC computer help - Windows 10 upgrade

    I have been using an old Dell computer with Windows XP. Getting a new Dell with Windows 10. Been using Outlook 2007 Will probably upgrade to new Microsoft Office 2016 or Office 365   Question:   Can I and how do I move all my old emails from my old computer to the new computer system?  
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    smoking What do I do with my Butt?

    I am smoking a 7# pork butt today, Friday, for pulled pork sandwiches.   I am taking it to a graduation party tomorrow, Saturday.   When I take the butt off the smoker this evening, what is the best method to use to store the butt?   Do I "pull" it tonight? Do I "pull" it tomorrow? Do I wrap it...
  10. winland

    wanted WANTED: Aleppo / Urfa Biber

    My plants got eaten by rabbits and cutworms. Would like to buy a SFRB of each some time this season No hurry Let me know what Turkish and Syrian pepper you might have available.
  11. winland

    Winland's 2016 Pepper Patch

    Cut back this year by about 50%.  Growing a lot more Turkish and Syrian type Peppers Love the Aleppo peppers dried and crushed on EVERYTHING.   I started out this year with about 250 plants from seed. Got them in the ground during the past couple of weeks. It was very cool (40- 60 degrees)...
  12. winland

    smokers Porkopolis Eggfest - BGE discounted

    If you live near or have relatives/friends in/around Cincinnati, and you want a BGE at a discounted price...   EGGFEST
  13. winland

    smoking Kingsford sale

    I found a sale  on Kingsford at Lowe's 2-Pack 18.6-lb (37.2-lb Total) Charcoal Briquettes On-line it shows regular price at $19.99 Sale price is $14.99 My local Lowe's did not know anything about the sale, but I showed them the online sale price and they honored that price. Good thru tomorrow...
  14. winland

    Scratch & Dent Sale

    Got a HUGE deal on these two new items at a scratch and dent sale.   Good eats this weekend.    
  15. winland

    Is this worth $300

    Need some quick advice. Woot has a pellet smoker on sale today. Camp Chef SmokePro SE Pellet Grill   Looks like a good deal and good reviews.    
  16. winland

    Cheese and Burgers

    I found this interesting site, if you like burgers.   Cheese and Burger      The site takes a while to load if you have a slow internet connection.  
  17. winland

    Mason / Ball Jar Hanger

    Found this interesting storage method.   Check out this link for additional photos and How To  
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    Electric Pressure Cookers - opinions

    I have been researching electric pressure cookers for the past few weeks. Interested in your opinions. This is not for canning.   Instant Pot   Power Pressure Cooker XL      GoWISE USA GW22623   Gourmia GP600 Smartpot
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    Cars, Trains, Planes and things

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    Can You KooC a Frozen Steak

    If your "significant other" forgets to take the steak out of the freezer, what do you do?