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    Taking a peek

    Hey Everyone! Havent been around in quite some time. Just popping in to say Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New year to all. This has been THE worst year for my family and a small blessing near the end. I am anxious to start the New Year and hope everyone is too!    I will be popping in from...

    Look who blew in with the hurricane

    Hey all, Been a while since I've been around. Almost a year ago I had pancreatitis for the second time in 2yrs and had a month stay in the hospital. Since then I have been busy with life in general. Traveling with my daughters HS rugby team  for the summer and she is off to college playing rugby...

    wanted Looking for Gotu Kola or Asian Pennywort seeds

    As the subject reads. I am looking for Asian Pennywort or know as Gotu Kola, "Brahmi", Hydrocotyl asiatica, Centella asiatica. If you have any please PM me. Thanks

    N'East storm of the Century

    In CT expecting up to 3' by the storms end with extreme winds. Time to dust off the crockpot, fill up the gas cans and bring in firewood this will be a while. Good luck to my Northern brethren stay warm.  

    wanted looking for White Habanero seeds

    Im looking for white habanero seeds for this years grow. I only need about five seeds or so to germinate and I will have plenty of seeds the next year. OP is fine they will be OP once planted outdoors. PM me if you have any to spare.   Mike  

    wanted looking for Aji Amarillo

    Looking for Aji Amarillo seeds like to start them asap Thanks  pm me for address 

    smoking Brisket Smoke time

    I have a large flat that I will be smoking this weekend larger than the grates of the electric smoker box. I am considering smoking on my smoker/grill then transferring to the box after some shrinkage or if I cut the flat in half would the appr. cook time be less? I have a gauge but I want get...

    Ermahgerd - I gotta get these

        They can be found here

    wanted Looking for Bonda ma Jacques seeds

    Looking for Bonda ma Jacques for next years grow. Anyone have about 10 seeds to spare?     


    OMG How have I lived this long and not gotten these !!!!!  

    recipe-help spicy vegan friendly app

    Im looking for a vegan friendly app for this weekend, no shellfish, something other than a popper,  it can be any ethnic, preparation variety as well and easily transported.    Thanks 

    fertilizer water soluble fertilizer per potted plant

    I am unsure if I am under fertilizing or not. I have about 40 plants that are relatively small (not seeding by any means maybe 8" tall with a fair amount of leaves. I first water the plants then I mix up a batch of fertilizer in a two gallon watering can and I go over each plant a couple seconds...

    wanted looking for Bonda Man Jacques

    Anyone have any they could send along ? All I would need is 5 or so just need 1 or 2 to germinate - I forgot to grab these earlier this year. Pm me if you can help out Thanx

    Goin' in Deep

    I live in the center of CT this is going to be an interesting one to follow! HHwhisky check snacks check beer check gas for the snowblower check wood for the stove check Bring it

    Beer of the Month Club or Pick and choooozzz

    I have a friend that is turning 50 soon and was thinking of sending him a BOTM club membership - not realizing the expense and types of beers I was wondering if I should try to build my own case or whatever or try the club. BOTM would be for 2 months. I have a nice liquor store nearby where...

    check your bauballs

    The Nutsack Christmas Tree Ornament! The testicular cancer organization is raising awareness this holiday season. I wonder if they come in blue?

    wanted *Wanted* Scorpion Moruga

    Looking for Scorpion Moruga any variety would like about 10 seeds. Pm me if you are willing to part with some

    Italian Roaster + Serrano Chile peppers

    I have a ton - they are green atm - not sure what to do. I like'em sauteed with tomatoes garlic and onions and use on sandwiches but with oil in the mix I dont think I can can them with a hot water bath. I can pickle them ? They have a fair amount of heat and flavor I dont want to lose them. I...

    water Outdoor irrigation Hanging plant/Garden

    I want to run an automatic watering system with the dual purpose of watering my garden while watering a few plants on my walk way and hanging plants off the Pergola. My question is first is this possible, in my mind it seems straight forward, I was thinking of running 1/2" tubing across my...

    Bacon makes everything better

    Then this burger must be AWESOME #!