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  1. bamaboy1975

    pics Some Pepper Pics......

    Chocolate Habs Fatalli's Bhut Jolokia Datil Peppers Peter Peppers Pumpkin Habanero's Bolivian Rainbow Peppers Tabasco's Cow Horns Thai Dragon Cross with Bolivian Rainbow Peppers
  2. bamaboy1975


    There is a gang of ants in both of my raised beds. In the soil and on my plants. Is that normal or do I need to NUKE them?! What's the best way too?
  3. bamaboy1975

    breeding Some sort of cross?

    I planted a 2nd Bolivian Rainbow Pepper, or so I thought, and it turns out that the peppers look like Thai Dragon Peppers but with purple traits from the Bolivian Rainbow pepper. Heck, the whole plant has purple on the stems and purple on the tips of the flowers. Not sure what it will taste...
  4. bamaboy1975

    King Tabasco Pepper

    Anouncing the Royal Tabasco Pepper! Had to do this, it was just to funny!
  5. bamaboy1975

    My 1st years Bhut's

    Cannot believe how well this plant has been doing. No complaints here at all. Just wanted to share with everyone on how they where doing. Please feel free to share yall's too!
  6. bamaboy1975

    Orange Habanero?

    What the hell is this? I got these seeds from a Lowes and grew them last year but they didn't start out like this. They resemble a Jalapeno. I know i didn't get the packets mixed up. I have OCD for my stuff! Any ideas?
  7. bamaboy1975

    Datil questions........(and I hope answers)

    I have read alot about Datils not liking full sun. They only like it from sunrise to 2pm ish. I am attatching some photo's of my wilting and leaf curling plant. I have constructed a misquito net for partial shading and to help with the heat and light . Should this fix the problem or is there...
  8. bamaboy1975

    Holy S#@! Jalapeno

    I went to our local Commissary (military grocery store) and picked up some Jalapeno's while waiting on mine to grown and ripen. I ate a few last night and today and HOLY S@$% it was hot. Has anybody ever had that happen to them at all. I don't recall having any that hot. I know it was a...
  9. bamaboy1975

    Need HELP with something eating my plants

    I have something in one of my two 8ft by 4ft raisded beds, eating the crap out of my leaves of my peppers. The other 8ft by 4ft raised bed is fine and it is literally 3 ft from the other one. I will post pics of plants and leaves and hope that someone can and will help. Note: I have sprayed...
  10. bamaboy1975

    Spiders in garden

    Are spiders on my pepper cages ok for the peppers. I see it as a great way to keep bugs off of my peppers but not sure if they eat the plants as well. Any feedback would greatly appreciated.
  11. bamaboy1975

    While in Alabama…

    While visiting my family in B'ham, AL. I went to a small nursery and found some Black Pearls just sitting on a shelf. I asked the guy if they where for sale and he sold me one for a dollar! They had some other cool variaties but wasn't interested. Freakin cool I got one for a dollar, and ready...
  12. bamaboy1975

    More leaf questions

    I have some leaf issues that I need answers to. My sprinklers came on mid day for a brief minute during the hottest part of the day (75 degrees, not really hot). It looks like water drop burns except on one of my plants leaves at the end looks different. Maybe someone can identify what is...
  13. bamaboy1975

    raised-bed Trying a raised bed garden this year

    I hope this goes well.
  14. bamaboy1975

    heat Is the HP22B the new hottest pepper in the world?

    I heard today that some guy in SC has the new hottest pepper in the world, the HP22B. Could this be?
  15. bamaboy1975

    Lookin for Paper Lantern Pepper Seeds

    Can anybody help with this? Please......?
  16. bamaboy1975

    Infinity chili seeds

    How in the heck can I get ahold of some of these? I cannot find anybody with seeds willing to sell or trade. It seems to be exclusively to UK. Can someone please point me in the right direction or help me out.
  17. bamaboy1975

    Goat Pepper Seeds

    I have some Goat Pepper seeds to pass out. Limited quantity, so act quickly. All i ask is to save/share seeds with next years growers. Keep the gift going!
  18. bamaboy1975

    greenhouse Cheap greenhouse

    Alright, I believe that my peppers are NOT getting enough light because the main stem is to weak to hold up the leaves, "top heavy". Because of my lay out in my house and how crowded that it is they only get from 3 pm till the sun goes down at 6-7ish? I know that is not near enough for the...
  19. bamaboy1975

    seeds Goat Peppers and Seeds

    Goat Peppers that I am retrieving seeds from. I have never dealt with these before but this is what was given to me!
  20. bamaboy1975

    wanted Looking for Bonda Ma Jacque seeds

    Can anybody spare any Bonda Ma Jacque seeds. I will gladly buy or trade for some. I hear they are very tasty and have always wanted to try them.