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  1. Hot Pooper

    auction AUCTION:: Various peppers, pick your size!

    Up for auction are some freshly picked peppers. There is a good variety here, but I can also fit 2 varieties in one SFRB. Not sure if this will be too many for 2. If so, I will figure something out to do with the extras. I will let ya'll figure out how you want the peppers distributed. If it...
  2. Hot Pooper


    Well, my program at school is starting in tomorrow, and from what I have been told by a LOT of people, I won't have the time to grow anything while in the program. (Which is 2 years.) I don't know how my career will go after I graduate either. It will be at LEAST until 2015 until I am able to...
  3. Hot Pooper

    auction AUCTION...SFRB pick your own!

    Just picked these at 4:00p.m. Im not 100% sure that I could fit ALL peppers in a SFRB, but I could try. If you are the winner of the auction, pm me the list of peppers you would like, starting from the ones you want the most to the ones you like the least. I will do my best to get them all in...
  4. Hot Pooper

    auction AUCTION...SFRB of Yellow Trinidad Scorpion SR and Red Bhut

    JUST picked these at 4:15. There are 10 Yellow Trinidad Scorpion SR and 10 Red Bhut. I'll start the auction at $15.00. Auction will end tomorrow morning at 8:30a.m. Eastern when I leave to go to the post office. Good Luck!!!
  5. Hot Pooper

    for-sale Fresh Pods for sale

    I am selling a mixed box of pods in a small flat rate box. Pods were picked today and will be shipped tomorrow morning. Price is $25 shipped. I tried to pick them a little early so they wouldnt go bad in shipping. I know the summer heat can get pretty harsh some times. First box has some Yellow...
  6. Hot Pooper

    for-sale Hot Pooper's Pods For Sale!!!

    This will be the first box of hopefully several to come! I am going to make this an auction, starting at $15. (This will be fore a small flat rate box.) I picked these peppers right at 5:00p.m. If they do not sell tonight, I will put them in the dehydrator tomorrow afternoon. I am ending this...
  7. Hot Pooper

    New sauce needs reviews

    Ok ya'll, it's been long enough, but I am trying my hand at sauces now. I am only going to start with one sauce, and go from there. My first sauce doesn't quite have a name yet, but I am leaning towards "Sweet Hell." It is made with Nectarines, Brain Strain 7 pods (thanks Cappy!), brown sugar...
  8. Hot Pooper

    Does anyone have any ripe Rocoto pods?

    Pretty much what the title says!
  9. Hot Pooper

    I HATE people like this...

    So I have this buddy that just turned 50 years old. All he does is play Modern Warfare all day long. Not to mention he has 3 little girls, one of which isnt even in school yet. his mother is literally in her death bed right now, about to die. She has cancer, which spread to spine...
  10. Hot Pooper

    Hot Pooper's 2012 Season

    This year has been all about trying to be as cheap as I can. Here is the start, Jan. 1st... The outside... The left side... The right side... The bottom... On, or about, Jan. 13th...
  11. Hot Pooper

    Happy Birthday Hot Stuff!!!

    You know we couldn't leave you out! Happy birthday!!! :dance:
  12. Hot Pooper

    Happy B-Day RS67!!!

    :bday: Happy Birfday!
  13. Hot Pooper

    Does anyone have a scanner they wanna part with?

    Pretty much like the title says. I am getting ready to go to a couple more NASCAR races soon, and refuse to pay $55 to RENT a damn headset for a weekend. I want to purchase a headset so I will never have to worry about that. So, does anyone have a decent hand-held scanner they would like to part...
  14. Hot Pooper


    BASTARDS!! I've sprayed 'em, but I think I might have to call in the cavalry... Why is it SO much fun to smush the little bastards?
  15. Hot Pooper

    This is what I do when I plant pepper seeds...
  16. Hot Pooper

    Anyone have a spare Brain Strain plant?

    I had some seeds I had gotten from Cappy, but I have had bad luck. Not the actual seeds fault, lol. I have been experimenting with just about everything this year, and one of those experiments was seeing how young I could start feeding seedlings. I lost about 10-15 seedlings. So, with the onmes...
  17. Hot Pooper

    Mushroom compost

    I went to a place that sells top soil and compost by the front end loader bucket. (Which they said ends up being about a pick up truck full.) The compost that they said they have is mushroom compost. Getting it THIS way would be a lot cheaper for me than getting either cow, chicken, or rabbit...
  18. Hot Pooper

    soil Soil heating cable

    So, I was in the feed & seed store right around the corner a few minutes ago looking for something to help with my yellowing White 7 Pod plant (ended up getting Ironite. Make up is AWESOME!!). Anyways, while I was there, I saw what was labled as a "soil heating cable." I didn't pull it out of...
  19. Hot Pooper

    Has anyone ever used Plant Tone?

    Just like the title says...has anyone ever used the fert Plant Tone? Its made by the same company that makes Tomato Tone. Tomato Tone says its 3-4-6, and this says its 3-4-4. They will also be getting ferts at every watering, or maybe every other watering. (they will be hooked up to an...
  20. Hot Pooper

    Anyone have any NMSU Bhut seeds?

    Just looking to see if anyone has any NMSU Bhut seeds to trade/sell/give away. I have Assam's and Carbon's already. Idea just popped into my head, so I figured I would chuck out a line...