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    gracias mi amigo

    gracias mi amigo
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    woo hoo! from the man himself

    woo hoo! from the man himself
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    baccatum Aji White Lightning Bolt

    People are still growing it, though it has gotten a lot less popular. From my experience, it has a pretty bitter soapy taste.
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    hobbies Crossword of the Day

    7. Cumin? 1. PeriPeri?
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    breeding Basic crossing question

    If you do it correctly, well over 50% of the time. Closer to 80-90% for me. You have to properly emasculate it at the correct time to achieve that.
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    seeds CGN 19198/Eximium Germination Time

    Literally germinated the day after.
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    plant No idea‚Ķ

    Very likely a Chinense with the multiple buds per node, corolla color, and constricted calyx. It does have a general "Bhut" shape. Leaves also look Chinensey. Probably a Bhut of some kind.
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    seeds CGN 19198/Eximium Germination Time

    The Rocopica I have should be a Rocopica x Rocoto, so a backcross, though I have no clue what specific varieties Jukka used
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    seeds CGN 19198/Eximium Germination Time

    I got some CGN19198 seeds from 3 different sources, Semillas, HRSeeds, and a trade with a person from Germany. They all look slightly different as seeds. I planted them in my Aerogarden about 3 weeks ago. I'm just wondering if anyone else has tried this and what their germination times were
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    pod '20 seed xchange mystery- not fidalga amarillo

    What color were the flowers?
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    Word Association Thread

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    Word Association Thread

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    Word Association Thread

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    pod Are these peppers?

    what peppers did you grow last year? They do look like a Chinense, but they have the bonnet/bell look and they have anthocyanins which ripen to red...
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    Word Association Thread

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    pod Are these peppers?

    Did you buy them from ebay or etsy? Pretty popular scam. They are peppers, but probably sweet bells.
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    Word Association Thread

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    news Peppers in space!

    Wow, a bit more anticlimactic than I expected, but still neat
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    Word Association Thread

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    baccatum Lemondrop Baccatum flower colors.. w/Purple??

    Lemon Drops are very susceptible to sunburn. Though I never had flowers get sunburnt. There are also purple Capsicum Baccatums, so it could be a cross, but that is very unlikely