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  1. Elpicante

    Caribbean Food

    Tostones rellenos
  2. Elpicante

    Chipotle Adobo Sauce

    Does anyone care to share a recipe for Chipotles in Adobo Sauce. I got my hands on 10lbs of dried Fresnos and jalapeƱos. Need to do something with them.
  3. Elpicante

    Persimmons and Pomagrante

    Got some persimmons and Pomagrantes from a friend want to make a sauce that accentuates the two. I have a ghost pepper mash (3 months old) and a Fresno which is about the same. Any ideas are welcomed!
  4. Elpicante

    labels Rate my label

    Not trying to highjack this post but would like some comments on my simple label. First some background I'm a retired Gunnery Sergeant of the USMC. the Corps blessed me with deployments over the entire world taking out one of th arctics. This label is pretty rudimentary but I want your opinion...
  5. Elpicante

    Looking for Aji Caballero

    Does anyone have have aji caballero seeds? I want to grow some in order to make some puertorican pique. I've used chile de Arbol ,Tabasco, and cayennes in the ast but it's just not the same.
  6. Elpicante

    Alfalfa Hay

    This morning I laid out he alfalfa hay on to my ga sn. I guess I just became no till? Anyways water it down and now what have any of you done this before? Any advise will do good however I'm in zone 9b so hot hot hot weather over here.
  7. Elpicante

    Storm Damage

    Yesterday afternoon the monsoon inspired a freak hail storm ran through southeastern AZ. It took with it branches full of flowers, pods and leaves. It also dumped about 2 inches of rain. I do not know what to do now. Should I trim let it be? I raked some of the leaves but what should I do to the...
  8. Elpicante

    Scotch Brain Probably

    So I discovered these two while checking my reapers. The plant is half the spice of my other but it already gave me these two. First is this a Scotch Brain? And two should I Now Move it so it can have some space.
  9. Elpicante


    So I got about 10lbs of dates from the local PoW WoW market and I do not know what to make from them. Any of guys out there ever made anything with dates?
  10. Elpicante

    Reusing commercial bottles

    So I have a friend who can get me empty Cholula bottles. I would like to reuse them to make my own. unfortunately when I trying to sanitize the bottle caps the wood top separates from the plastic cap the plastic cap contains a glue residue which I do not know how to get rid of. anyone here knows...
  11. Elpicante

    Freak Storm Last Night

    Last night a freak wind storm hit Corona De Tucson, I had my babies out side since the weather is good here. Upper 80s during the day and mid to low 60s at night. Anyway the wing knocked one of trays where I had some MOA SB Aji Dulce and my prized plants for the 2018 season 5 JPGS and 5 JRGS...
  12. Elpicante

    2018 Glog

    So I know it early to drop seeds for 2018. But I need to since I'm in Tucson AZ and our winters are very short. I figure I can get a head start on the brutal summer by planting in ground by Febuary and hopefully one crop by May then just wing it. Here my list. Apocalypse Scorpion Jay Peach...
  13. Elpicante

    southern states specially lower Arizona Growers

    I have a question for all, 1. What is your water interval? 2. How long is your growing season? 3. What are your preferred frets? The reason for my query is because I'm have a case of the "too much love" with my super hots and they seem to be rejecting me. My CRP & my Scorpions just had some...
  14. Elpicante

    Healthy One day then!!!
  15. Elpicante

    Help with this Ones

    I know I posted this under another title but just testing to see if my images are now posting instead of just set a link url. These were I think habanero from bought out all places Dollar Tree.
  16. Elpicante

    Is this an erect growing chinese This was supposed to be a red savina. But is growing erect.
  17. Elpicante


    I saw this lonely beauty at my local nursery while in the hunt for some fish fert. It was labeled as scorpion but the pods do not look anything like what I can see images online of what a scorpion pod should look like. What do you guys think.
  18. Elpicante

    Southern Arizona

    I live south of Tucson USDA zone 9a. I it too late for me to start some seeds? I was thinking of starting some chocolate moruga scorpions, Jay's peach ghost and some Mao SBs, what are your thoughts. I have plenty of plants already easy in the blooming stage but I'm getting board just airing on...
  19. Elpicante

    Bonnie Cubanellas Peppers

    I purchase Bonnie cubanelle Peppers this spring. As of now they have produce about 3 Peppers each plant however none of them have the flavor of a true cubanela. They basically taste like air. Any suggestions on this.
  20. Elpicante

    Can anyone help me with this problem

    These are my trinidad scorpions. I have 3 and they are all looking like this. The rest of the babies are doing well but these are well...