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  1. SpeakPolish

    seeds CGN 19198/Eximium Germination Time

    I got some CGN19198 seeds from 3 different sources, Semillas, HRSeeds, and a trade with a person from Germany. They all look slightly different as seeds. I planted them in my Aerogarden about 3 weeks ago. I'm just wondering if anyone else has tried this and what their germination times were
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    heat Hottest Landraces?

    The hottest landraces seem to come from either South Asia with the Naga Morich and Bhut Jolokia or Trinidad with the 7 Pot Peppers and the Trinidad Scorpions.   I don't know if it because the 7 Pot Dogulah is bitter, but I found it to be extremely pungent and not pleasant at all. Far worse than...
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    Spicy Tomatoes?

    The Thought Emporium made a rather large live stream well over a year ago on this topic.   He designed a plasmid that could theoretically make tomatoes spicy by adding a couple genes that turn Vanillin into Capsaicin.   What do you guys think about it? Is it cool or an abomination of nature  ...
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    Most productive pepper?

    I am looking for a plant that produces a whole lot of peppers. I do not care about the weight of the peppers. I would imagine it to be a semi-domesticated or a wild pepper. Probably the Tepin, Pequin, or Aji Chaparita.
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    How to cool your peppers?

    Anyway to cool your pepper plants? Its in the mid-90s, and pollen sterility is a bitch. So anyway to cool down plants?
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    Anyone have SFRBs around $15

    I would love to buy an SFRB. My little harvest already got me excited. Ill be willing to pay $13-17.
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    chinense Bih Jolokia

    So I have some questions about the Bih Jolokia. Is it a Capsicum Frutescenes as some people have said? Also is it an ancestor to the Bhut Jolokia? I am wondering about this.
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    Pepper Ripening Length

    I am currently growing peppers that take a lot of time to ripen. Baccatums and Superhots. Its been about a month and there have been no signs of ripening. So how long does it take for peppers to ripen. I have a Ghost, Reaper, Bishops Crown, Lemon Drop and (PDN x BMJ and Aji WLB). So can you guys...
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    I hope this is fake

    What is happening. Is Guinness selling out?
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    Worst Pepper

    What is the worst tasting pepper you have tasted. For me it is an ornamental Thai pepper, very bitter.
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    When should I transplant and harden off my plants?

    I live by Dallas in zone 8A. My last frost is March 18th but mornings are in the 40s. I am thinking I should transplant around March 30th. Any advice?
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    Messenger Icon not popping up

    Why is my messenger icon not popping up? Its not there at all.
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    SpeakPolish’s 2019 Sorta Glog

    Yeah. I started a glog. So my plan this season is two make two sets of plants. I will transplant these sets of plants on March 13. Then I will make a new sets of plants, probably mostly Supes. Anyway here are my plants. Aji Pineapple, White Lightning Bolt, PDNxBMJ White, Chocolate...
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    Cotyledons are having burnt edges

    Why are my plants in my AeroGarden having burnt edges in their first set of cotyledons.
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    This amazing guy is finally doing pepper reviews. Heard he has a bunch in store.
  16. SpeakPolish

    shopping AeroGarden Harvest- $75   If you apply the Veterans Day Celebration Coupon then you get it for $75. The cheapest yet, might be cheaper over Black Friday but YOLO
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    nutrients Good Soil and Nutes

    Hey guys, I am pretty new to gardening and was wondering what would a good pot soil mixture be? I am also wondering what a good nutrient solution and a good pot size would be?
  18. SpeakPolish

    hybrid Superhot Crosses

    Has anyone noticed most superhot crosses are hybrids between the Naga Family and the Caribbean Family. For example 7 pot primo is a cross between a Naga Morich and a Trinidad 7 pot. The BBM is the same cross but in reverse. The Bhutlah is a Bhut and a Douglah. The Jigsaw is a Trinidad Moruga...
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    Blue Potato Bush

    This genus of plants is the closest related genus to Capsicum. Thought it would be interesting to get one. BTW, this is my friends. I am just going to take seeds from his plant.
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    chinense Reaper products in stores

    Hey guys, I found this reaper paste and I was wondering if any on y'all have found reaper products in grocery or supermarket stores. This is my first time