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  1. Yellowfin2na

    Peach Wasp (PL) Pod Review

    Havent seen a review on this yet. If there is one already I apologies.   Seeds are from Pepperlover. Besides the Mystery Wine pepper this has been one of my most anticipated pods to try on my list. And boy did it deliver in every way you can.   For starters I have no idea what this is or was a...
  2. Yellowfin2na

    Chocolate Habanero Seeds Giveaway

    Unfortunately my very first hydro pepper plant that was started last November did not recover from the damage done by tropical storm bill. Being my first hydro plant it endured all of my beginner mistakes and taught me most of what i know about hydro. Despite the ups and downs this plant was...
  3. Yellowfin2na

    pod ID me for some free pods

    First person to confirm ID these and I will send you a couple fresh pods. Most likely something from my grow list. Plant is small and bushy and is being grown hydroponically. Some pods have points some have blunted ends. Pods pictured are ripe. They are mostly white (cream) colored but some...
  4. Yellowfin2na

    for-sale For Sale- DIY Led Materials- SOLD

    So for any of you who have had the pleasure of checking out Juanitos DIY Led Instructable here : And thought to yourself that you might want to give it a shot then here is your chance to grab some of the materials needed without the month long...
  5. Yellowfin2na

    chinense Dear Orange Habanero

    Dear Orange Habanero,   It’s been a long ride. From the first time I saw you years ago in the isle of the grocery store. I thought to myself finally something that can give me more than just the standard Jalapeno. We’ve shared many years of memories together. Being able to boast about eating you...
  6. Yellowfin2na

    Ebay seeds not growing true.... SHOCKER

    So when I started last year I bought three variety of seeds from the best place on earth to get them, Ebay. (JK guys calm down).   Anyways seedling tray was knocked over and everything was all mixed up. Reaper, Chocolate Habanero, and White Habanero are what they are supposedly supposed to be...
  7. Yellowfin2na

    Bhut Orange Copenhagen X Jays Peach F2 by Mojo Pepper

    Bhut Orange Copenhagen X Jays Peach F2   Courtesy of Mojo Pepper   Really nice guy from Italy. Has sent me a few different varieties including these. Here are the pics he sent. Cant wait to get them sprouted. Thought Id share.      
  8. Yellowfin2na

    Yellowfin2na Hydroponic Grow 2015 *PIC INTENSE*

    So I wanted to share my first hydroponic pepper grow so far. Started December 1st and now we are two months in. I have a home made indoor system that is half NFT half DWC. I also have a plant that I grew in a coffey can under T5 lighting.   I was so unorganized in the beginning and it was a...
  9. Yellowfin2na

    misc Hydroponic productivity question and pepper ID if possible

    First time growing anything and would really appreciate some input. Three pepper plants total.   My setup is a home made NFT system for two pepper plants and a coffey can DWC for the third plant. I keep my ppm at 500 and my lighting is a 1000 watt HPS. My nutrient res is set to 69 degrees. My...