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  1. nate6279


    Guess the total # of caps. 5 guesses per person. USE THEM WISELY. Minimum 50 posts. Continental US ONLY. There will be 3 winners. Grandprize winner will receive homemade hot teriyaki and mild teriyaki jerky along with random stuff. Second and third place will receive smaller less valuable prizes...
  2. nate6279

    Beer Cap Challenge/ Free Pepper Contest

    Guess the exact number of caps in the 5 gallon water jug and win a box (or two) of peppers (supers).  If nobody has guessed correctly in the first couple days I will post a clue and then after a couple more days i'll post another clue. You may only post once until after a clue has been given...
  3. nate6279

    Pick The Number And Win!

    I have some peppers and a bottle of LDHS orange to give away so I thought I would do a little contest to give back to this community since I have won many things here. Pick a number 1-120 without going over. One guess per member. Game ends 8/25/14 at 6:00pm PST. US only. I will announce the...
  4. nate6279

    salads Salads

    I looked and didn't see any salad threads so here's one. Feel free to post any types of salad you like whether it be a green salad, pasta salad, bean salad whatever. As long as there's plenty of produce in it.   Naked. The plate is dirty because this is my second salad. It has greens, carrots...
  5. nate6279

    wanted Wanted: Mix box of supers

    I'm looking to buy a box or two of mixed supers if anyone is wanting to get rid of some. Thanks.
  6. nate6279

    Can You Guess Who This Person Is? Game

    Name some facts about a person, fictional or nonfictional, and let the next person try to guess who it is then follow it up with a question of his/her own. OR you can use a photo. I'll start with a fairly easy one... He was known as the Man of Steal in baseball. Once he stole 130 bases in a...