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  1. bigt

    pics BigT Plant Pics 2013

      2 Giant Bhut Plants - 5 gallon on left 15 gallon on right - the bigger plant was healthier from the start, so it's not just pot size - but that being said, it's the biggest container plant I've ever grown by far.   G Bhut pods.   Sadly, many of the G But pods are suffering from this white...
  2. bigt

    Giant Bhut & Dorset Naga plants - DC area

    8 plants total - 6 Giant Bhut and 2 Dorset Naga - all in one gallon containers.  $30 for all 8.  Pick up Catharpin, Va (outside Manassas) only.  PM me if interested.     Actual plants for sale - pic taken morning of 6-27-13.
  3. bigt

    pics BigT plant pics 2012

    Just a few pics this year - my good P&S close up camera broke. Anyway here's some of my better looking stuff. The heat has stunted a few, especially those in pots. Raised bed plants don't seem to mind, but they get afternoon shade. Scorpion Morouga & Butch T out back with buddies Giant Bhut...
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    pics BigT Plant Pics 2011

    I started all my Chinense seeds on January 15th this year. Earliest start ever, but it seems to be worth it so far. Here's what the seedlings looked like on Feb 1st. I used Wonder soil - it expanded right out of the holes but it worked great - very quick root growth. I started other types in...
  5. bigt

    Wegman's Jumbo Cayenne

    I picked this bad boy up while in Wegman's Grocery Store the other day. When I first saw it, I did a double take and thought "That's a Cayenne?" I grew some Cayennes back in the 90's and had some rather large bushes with what I thought were big pods, but nothing like this. The biggest mine...
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    food Taco Bell's New Volcano Nachos - The Good Hurt

    This commercial is pretty cool. I'm sure most of us in the states have seen it, but probably not our foreign buddies. Has anybody actually tried these yet? I'm sure they could be improved with some Naga powder sprinkled on.
  7. bigt

    pics BigT 1st Naga harvest - a few pics

    It was time to pick a few as they were seriously outnumbering me. I only have one Bih Jolokia plant and I got 74 ripe pods off it with at least that many still on it and not quite ready. A very impressive plant. If you are only going to grow one Naga and want a bunch of pods, I think this is...
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    favorite My Favorite Node

    Dorset Naga - this plant rocks. It's busy all over.
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    pics Fatalii Cross? pics

    This plant came from a batch of seeds I received from scoville in Florida. They were marked as Fatalii and another plant from the same batch of seeds is growing true as a Fatalii. This one however is different. It's always exciting IMO to find something new and I haven't tasted the pepper...
  10. bigt

    Bhut Jolokia - unusual pod shape

    Worlds hottest pepper indeed! LOL You have to love nature.
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    pics BigT plant pics

    Thought I'd share my progress this year with some plant updates. These shots were taken this morning in the harsh light, but at least the sun is out. It's rained every day for two weeks at some point and the ground is saturated. Half my boysenberry tree fell over because it got too heavy. I...
  12. bigt

    A Chili Sauce to Crow About

    Article in NY Times on Huy Fong’s flagship product, Tuong Ot Sriracha (Sriracha Chili Sauce). Made in Rosemeade,CA. Good read. I had never heard of it before, but apparently, they sell a lot! :)
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    Wegman's Fresno

    Saw some nice looking Fresno peppers in Wegmans the other day and decided to try a couple since I've never had them before. I was expecting a lot more heat, but these were significantly milder than even a Jalapeno M. Very tasty though, like a bell pepper with just a touch of heat - these would...
  14. bigt

    Rockwool blues

    I've lost at least half or more of my seedlings that I started on January 4th. (about 20+) Including 5 of my 6 Fataliis. All were started in rockwool and then transplanted up into cups with Pro-Mix BX. I placed the whole cube in just below the soil surface to cure some legginess. They were...
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    fertilizer Best Potting Soil, Fertilizer, etc

    I've always used Miracle Grow potting soil and it seems to do OK, but I've only been using containers for 2 years. I noticed Cappy had a big bale of Pro-Mix in some of his pictures and he certainly has some great plants. How about fertilizers? I've just used some plant spikes by Jobe's and...
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    wanted 7 Pot and Fatalii seeds wanted

    7 Pot and Fatalii have really grabbed my interest. I was going to wait and grow these in 2010, but I figured WTF, life is short. I just couldn't resist all the positive comments about these 2 varieties and some of the incredible pictures, especially from Potawie and Cappy.:) Nice work guys...
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    Hails from Virginia

    Hi all, Very nice forum here. I've been growing peppers for about 10 years now and keep trying new varieties. My fav so far is the Chocolate Habanero. Wow - what a burn. Growing some Naga's next year thanks to Neil in OZ. I can't wait! First got addicted to hot food when I lived in San...