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  1. Justinero

    video My friend went big.Brain Strain Big HAHA Video

    My friend Rene is one my best friend and It was his birthday the other day.The day before his birthday Tom TCH sent me some brain strain pods to try.Long story short I gave Rene a BS pod and told him to be careful but to try a little piece.Well watch the Video and see for yourself. SEE ALL 4...
  2. Justinero

    HELP my Barrackpore is looking bad

    All new and small leaves are getting crunched up with black suff all over them.And the top is all messed up.It was a perfect plant last week and now this..Any help people..
  3. Justinero

    This pepper put the hurt on me!

    Today I was out in the back yard looking at my pepper plants when I thought to myself " I'm going to try the Mystery pepper plant" I have no idea what it is and where the mix up happened.I have been putting time and effort into this plant which is totally unknown to me. But needles to say I...
  4. Justinero

    THE NEW" GAME DAY" BEER ICE and light

    What do you guys think about it??? I love it, and it's cheap for now but probably go up soon.
  5. Justinero

    How much changes in heat?

    Is there any difference in heat with a dried or crushed pepper compared to a fresh pepper??
  6. Justinero

    seeds Question for the experts.Heat and seeds?

    I just moved my grow station into the garage and its about 80 degrees inside the garage.I pluged in my heat mats and didn't even think about how hot it would get.and i checked it was over 100 degrees inside my jiffy grow box.SO THE QUESTION IS, ARE MY SEEDS TOAST..I have since removed the mats...
  7. Justinero

    Crazy lookin Barrackpore 7 pod leaf..Double trouble

    Have you guys seen this before?
  8. Justinero

    I think I messed up......Info please.Im a newbe

    I have a bad bug problem in my back yard.I used antibacterial soap to spray my plants down.and today they all look like there dying.Will antibacterial soap kill my plants or will they stay alive?? Please help.:oops::oops:
  9. Justinero

    wanted Hate to ask but looking for some Trinidad Scorpion seeds?

    I don't have any seeds to trade of my own at the moment,but would pay.. Please let me know. Thanks Justin :crazy:
  10. Justinero

    Boondock Saints 2

    Just watched it and it was awesome. With a little Mexican twist.
  11. Justinero

    Hello I'm new

    Hey Found this forum and it seems Hot. Love growing chili's and eating them 2. Cant wait to see whats in store.:shocked: