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  1. MrArboc

    The horror! A christian fundamentalist with right-wing connections did this - not a bearded muslim. I feel for my neighbours today.
  2. MrArboc

    The Midnight Sun Oh yeah. I'm trying to endure the Polar night right now. Not fun, not fun at all. But it's only -25 °C right now.
  3. MrArboc


    Spent the day today making sure everything was fixed for the voters. The Swedish election start tomorrow even though the "real" election day is September 19. My work will be done at around 2 am september 20 after the first count. BTW - this is the perfect job for an anal retentive who loves to...
  4. MrArboc

    What the he...????

  5. MrArboc

    Stupid ads..

    What's wrong with this advertisment? Feel free to post you own.
  6. MrArboc

    What the <insert bad word> is this?

    These guys are hanging out on a bush by the side of my house. The bush is going to be cut down by the landlord because it is growing between the asphalt of the parking lot and the foundation of the house and we want it gone before any damage is done (knock on wood), so the damage is actually...
  7. MrArboc

    Thirteen terribly weird facts about women

    A woman does not have a man’s habit to scratch her noggin when she thinks of an answer to a confusing question, for example. Women do not like to show they are confused. They never want to ruin their hairdo with that gesture either. Women will never understand why footballers stand in a line...
  8. MrArboc

    Do you want to win a bet?

  9. MrArboc

    Starter kits for kids

    I am guessing some of you would buy that "for your kids"...
  10. MrArboc

    Game: True or false?

    True or false? Answer correctly and post your own "True or false".
  11. MrArboc

    I guess iPad has its uses...
  12. MrArboc

    Congressmen Submit Emergency 3 AM Bill Demanding IHOP Stay Open All Night
  13. MrArboc

    Silly animals Feel free to post your stupid animal videos.
  14. MrArboc

    R.I.P. Ronnie James Dio

    He passed away yesterday from stomach cancer.
  15. MrArboc

    Baby stuck behind couch!
  16. MrArboc

    Creepy kid...
  17. MrArboc

    I hate living in a small town

    At least sometimes... Decided to get some epsom salt the other day, so I visited all stores that could possibly carry it. That took me almost 20 minutes and most of that was time spent walking... Ended up almost forcing the lady at the health food store to special order it for me because I did...
  18. MrArboc

    Something we didn't need to know

    Elvis Presley died of chronic constipation, reveals his doctor Elvis is dead?
  19. MrArboc

    If Men Wrote Mother’s Day Cards

  20. MrArboc

    This is what happens if you drink!