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  1. AvidLiving

    Avid_living 2019 Pepper Glog

    Hello everyone, Updating my records for a separate 2019 log. Current grows Wonder Bell(2 years old) dwc Tepin Pepper Aji (haven't verified type) Cayanne Sri Lanka Chili Red Here is a ripened bell for thought! SRI Lanka hit coco today. Sent from my SM-G965U1 using Tapatalk
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    Avid_living 2019 Hydro and Soil Veglog

    Current grows are: Gills golden pippen squash Zucchini will update type Spaquetti squash Cantelope Bloomsdale spinach Black seeded Simpson lettuce Beets Marketmore Cumcuber Pole Beans Patio Eggplant (1 year old) Black Beauty Eggplant Delicious Tomato Moringa Tree x4 Lemon Tree x2 (3 year old)...
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    1000 w LEDs

    Just bought this Monster for a late xmas present. I'm wondering. Has anyone noticed significance with 1k catagory or greater? Sent from my SM-G965U1 using Tapatalk
  4. AvidLiving

    Help! Fungus or mold?

    I noticed in my small enclosed area that the ground cherry plant now has this nasty stuff on it. Sent from my Galaxy S8 using Tapatalk
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    Blossom Set Spray?

    Hello! What are thoughts in this community on blossom set sprays? Peppers are so easy to pollinate that I didn't even look into it. However, my tomatoes lost all of their blossoms over and over. I think I shook them too hard.... I found this online and a few really good reviews.. I spray...
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    Rotting or ripening?

    Can you tell me? Pulled off green. Sent from my Galaxy S8 using Tapatalk
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    seeds Paper towel germination

    How do you prep these for the best results. Where do you put it to heat? Are you using heat mats, controlled heated environment or on top of the cable box. What's your best pre soak methods? Did you make any mistakes in the process? Tea? Water? Nutes? Sent from my Galaxy S8 using Tapatalk
  8. AvidLiving

    Ground Cherries? Peepers or Tomato

    I can't seem to get the info right. Help. Are these classified as tomatoes, peppers, or just something else? Peppers not peepers.. haha.. Sent from my Galaxy S8 using Tapatalk
  9. AvidLiving

    yield Homegrown Produce Yield Sanitation

    What do you feel are the proper ways to sanitize your yield? Do you just rinse? Have you had a bad case of virus; stomach upset, g i issues which led you to increase your sanitation efforts? Sent from my Galaxy S8 using Tapatalk
  10. AvidLiving

    Any experience with MykoRiz Spores for enhanced Root Network and N* Uptake?

    I use a form of powdered mykoRiz that for Soil applications worked great. As far as hydro, I mix it and it's messy. Sometimes, I think messes with PH. Does anyone have any experience with this as a root booster from root inoculation or other means? Sent from my Galaxy S8 using Tapatalk
  11. AvidLiving

    lighting Help: need to create stand to hang two LED lights from

    Hello! Topic says it all. I want to move my basement grows to the third floor loft. I have a foot and a half distance from wall to edge of ledge and about 8 feet long. It's warmer which is why I'm moving it. However, no nails on each side to hold the pulleys for the lights. Amy ideas of a...
  12. AvidLiving

    Let's see your seed collection.

    If there is a better place to post this; please let me know and I'll post there.. Everyone likes to brag about their stash ;) a little ... However, mine is very small. I'm always open to sharing. Sent from my Galaxy S8 using Tapatalk
  13. AvidLiving

    Edible to the wife?

    Hello! Well.... I know I love hot, hot, HOT food...with a tinge of unique flavor behind it. The wife...does not do heat well but is open minded. Based on above, what would you recommend adding to my grow? Currently growing banana pep, hab, choc hab, reaper, brown moruga and the list of hot...
  14. AvidLiving

    seeds Best growing seed in your lifetime?

    Have you ever had the best growing seed compared to any other? I want to know what you grew and how big of a difference that seed to fruit was compared to others. Maybe, we will find some similarities between the type of seed and/or sowing conditions. Sent from my SM-G950U1 using Tapatalk
  15. AvidLiving

    2017 Indoor Winter Hydroponics Pepper Edition

    Hello! I'm going to use this to document my Peppers. Right now, I'm going to start with the Banana Peppers... more will come with the hot peppers as they are just seedlings. Plants are fed in Soil and Soiless settings. They are fed Masterblend 4-18-38 with Calcium Nitrate and Mag Sulfate...
  16. AvidLiving

    Longest life of your pepper plant?

    Just wondering how long or how many seasons your pepper plants have lasted? Are all species of Pepper Plants the same in length of life?
  17. AvidLiving

    2017 Indoor Winter Hydroponics

    Hello! So, I'm growing a bit of everything in my house. I am going to track my grows through this. I have Boston pickling, Diva, and lemon cucumbers growing. Carbon, black Cherry, red cherry grape, and stupice tomatoes. Butterhead Lettuce, three types of Peppers, and sweetness hybrid...
  18. AvidLiving

    Happy Thanksgiving from NH

    Hello All,                   New to growing in general. Most of my interest in having a green thumb has always gone brown for soil growing. About a year ago; I started looking into growing corn and cucumbers inside and found that I actually am doing pretty well growing inside. I spent this last...