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  1. organic pepper

    Hello again Its been awhile.

    Hello all its been awhile since I had the pleasure with conversing with ya.   Just wanted to say hello again from the PNW.
  2. organic pepper

    grilling Always a good day to grill

    I got the chance today to grill again! Always enjoy doing that. Volunteered to cook for the superbowl get together at the local American Veterans. A great organization that helps vets. This is some of the gear we have but the fun is in cooking itself. That's where the joy begins. one of our...
  3. organic pepper

    Smoked infused pepper salts

    I was looking at how to make pepper infused salts for smoking fish and meats but was unsure if I smoke the peppers and blend it with the salt or smoke the salt with the dried pepper powder. I saw some ware on the forums about someone smoking salt and it sounded really good to use as salt for...
  4. organic pepper

    coffee-tea Coffee

    Having my 1st cup of coffee for the new year and trying a dancing goat blend I got for christmas. Gotta say, that blend is righteous! What a way to start the new year.
  5. organic pepper

    Raised air pruning beds

    I brought this topic up in the PNW glog and jim suggested that I post this here for more input on this topic as well as sharing ideas on this.   I have been looking into creating a raised bed air pruning setup and have been thinking about this the last few weeks and was curious that I have not...
  6. organic pepper

    Hello from the Pacific NW

    Greeting all, Just  finished growing my first Bhut Jolokia, It sure has some kick.  Getting ready to start some Carolina reapers next. I think I"ll be using that as an organic bug spray for the the next summers crop. Great site here! Found tons of info already to help get me on my way.  Cheers!