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  1. K8bit

    gadgets Small batch bottle filling solution.

    As I've been scaling up production I've also been gradually losing my mind bottling one at a time with a ladle and funnel. :scared:  I truly love every step of small batch sauce making, except the funnel part.  I'm too small fry to justify a fancy expensive pneumatic filler, but was considering...
  2. K8bit

    shipping Delivering and mailing sauce in the frigid north

    Hello,  I searched the forum and could not find and answer to this question.    I have been slowly growing a little sauce operation up here in the Canadian Prairies. With Covid, there are very few in person markets happening, which was my original plan for sales. Instead we are offering...
  3. K8bit

    Love this forum.

    Hello from Saskatchewan!  I love growing peppers (in zone 2  :confused: ) and have found a lot of great info here.   About time for an official hello!