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  1. SpainChillihead

    preservation Ozone treatment for seeds

    Hi guys. Ok, I searched the forum and didn't see anything related. So I throw my question: I have had an Ozone Generator at home for years. They gave it to me when my daughter was born, for some reason that I still don't know... In 2020 I used it as a method to sanitize seeds just...
  2. SpainChillihead

    wanted Interested in Kirmizi, Kahramanmaras and Shabu seeds

    Hello everyone. I am very interested in finding seeds from: - Aci Kirmizi Arnavut - Kahramanmaras sehir aci biber - Shabu shabu Does anyone know where I can find? Does anyone have and want to negotiate? Thaaanks so much for any help
  3. SpainChillihead

    chinense 7 pot brain strain yellow, Scotch brain or Trinidad scorpion moruga yellow?

    Hello everyone! Like many here, I, too, suffer from pepper-related obsessive-compulsive disorder. So I'm already planning my 2022 grow (and none of my 2021 plants have their third set of leaves yet!) :D I already have all the varieties of pepper that I like. I only need one. I am thinking...
  4. SpainChillihead

    flavor What's the most umami pepper you've tasted?

    I think this is a controversial post; but I also find it fun. In this forum there are many posts about tastes and in all of them the conclusion is always reached that taste, in terms of good or bad, is always subjective.   I don't want to focus on whether a pepper looks good or bad to you, just...
  5. SpainChillihead

    Hello from Spain

    Hello from Spain.   My name is Robert and I live in Spain, specifically in the Canary Islands (as Peter Merle, from!).   I have been growing peppers for quite a short time, since 2016. I have grown a few different varieties, enough to be a chinense fan and a pseudo baccatum fan. I...