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  1. tjg911

    harvesting My fantastic season!

    I've grown hot peppers in many past seasons but this year was a bit different. On the deck in 3 quart pots I had 2 7 Pot Cinder, 2 Trinidad Congo and 2 Brown Moruga. In the garden I had 2 Trinidad Congo, 2 Brown Moruga and 2 Fatalii that I started from seed in February 2020, grew in pots for the...
  2. tjg911

    consistency Use the strained pulp or toss it?

    I made a hot sauce the other day from Fatali, Trinidad Congo and Brown Morugas. After cooking them soft I used a hand blender but unlike most of the time, this time I strained the sauce and saved the pulp. It's dried now and I was wondering does anyone add this to salsa or chili or anything? It...
  3. tjg911

    heat Do cold nights have a detrimental effect on pods?

    Nights are getting cold, down to the low 40's and even upper 30's is possible. I have a lot of pods on Brown Moruga, Fatalii, Trinidad Congo and 7 Pot Cinder that are both unripe or starting to change color. The Brown Moruga and 7 Pot Cinder have been very slow to ripen pods in the warm weather...
  4. tjg911

    off-topic Where is bhuter?

    I sent bhuter a DM 9/13/21 but no answer. Is he still on the forum?
  5. tjg911

    container Questions about two 1 year old Fatalii pepper plants in containers

    I don't have a digital camera or phone so the best I can do is explain using measurements.    Last March I started some Fatalii seeds and got 2 plants. One is in a Folgers 39 oz plastic container that measures 5 1/2" X 5 1/2", the plant is 27" tall with a 32" wide canopy. The other is in a...
  6. tjg911

    Curious, is it worth it?

    I have eaten many foods well past the use by or best by date, sometimes 2 years past and they didn't have much if any vinegar or lemon juice in them.    I have a bottle of Gronk's hot sauce in the pantry and it has a use by date of 9/25/2017, it is unopened. I used to buy it but have moved on to...
  7. tjg911

    overwintering Concise directions for over wintering pepper plants?

    I did a search and there are tons of threads, too many. One that looked good was 18 pages long.   I remember a few years ago reading how to prune, store in a basement or garage, how to water peppers to over winter them. Is there a glog or thread that has simple step by step instructions vs...
  8. tjg911

    container Should I cut off the lower leaves of my container pepper plants?

    I don't have a digital camera so I'll describe the plants.    I have 2 Fatalli plants in plastic Folger's coffee containers I have on the deck. They get sun all day from 8:15 to 5:15 and are very warm on the Trex decking.   The larger plant is in a 39 oz container, is 11" tall and the crown is...
  9. tjg911

    Anyone familiar with this site and this chart?

    In a discussion about hot sauces, and specifically Dave's Insanity Sauce, on another forum someone posted this site   I have no idea who this site is or how they determined the SHU in the table. I see Dave's Insanity Sauce Sauce listed twice, once as...
  10. tjg911

    shopping The Fresh Chile Company, Lumbre and Sandia Chile peppers

    Has anyone bought chili sauce from The Fresh Chile Company in Las Cruces, New Mexico? I sent them an email asking about the SHU of their xtra hot and hot chili sauces and this was their reply below. How can 8,000 and 2,000 SHU peppers create a sauce that is anything...
  11. tjg911

    seeds How to plant sprouting seeds?

    Hi,   I have 2 questions about something I never have done before.   I know this sounds stupid but I never sprouted any seed on damp napkins. So I am starting to see a sprout growing out of a couple of  the Trinidad Congo and Fatalii seeds. When I put these into ProMix I assume the sprout will...
  12. tjg911

    Brown Moruga

    Does anyone know what the SHU is for this pepper?   Thanks
  13. tjg911

    Can someone answer a few questions?

    I want to freeze some Super Hots and Mega Hot peppers I bought. They are in the fridge right now but I need to freeze them and use them for hot sauces months from now. So I have a few questions:   If I freeze these peppers then extract the seeds when I defrost them will the seeds be able to...
  14. tjg911

    vendor Hi not a new member but unfamiliar with site, asking for help

    Hi,   I wanted to buy some Fatalii Peppers for making hot sauce. I'd like to freeze some for future batches. I will save seeds and grow my own plants next year. I placed a wanted ad for these but I am looking at other ads in the Forum Ads Forum, that is why I am posting this. Is there some way...
  15. tjg911

    wanted Wanted to buy Fatalii Peppers

    I am looking to buy some Fatalii Peppers to make hot sauce, freezing and seed saving to grow next year.   Thank you,   Tom
  16. tjg911

    i could use some guidance

    i'm not sure how to proceed and would appreciate some info from those that have done this. background - if you read this thread you will see all the data about these plants from day 1 in the 1st post http://www.thehotpep...970#entry525970 but i will summarize things below. i started some...
  17. tjg911

    lighting 2 questions about plants under lights

    my 4 fatali plants are under a shop light and about 3" tall but over 4" wide, started on 9/25. the lower 2 sets of leaves have not grown for weeks, i assume the canopy is blocking the light. should i cut the 2 lower sets of leaves off or just leave them? at each leaf stem coming off the main...
  18. tjg911

    overwintering growing fatali peppers over the winter in connecticut

    i have grown all types of vegetables from seed for 20 years but never peppers preferring to just buy sweet pepper plants at local greenhouses. but this summer i decided to start growing peppers for 2 reasons. first, i can't find the varieties of sweet peppers i used to grow when the local...
  19. tjg911

    what would you do?

    Ok, I can get carried away with things but I'm not sure if I should continue with this or not. Question – should I transplant 6 fatali plants that are presently in a 6 pack and grow them on the window sill all winter? Or how about putting them under a shop light with 2 4' T8 tubes that I...
  20. tjg911

    ripening in a paper bag with apple and banana

    i've had several dozen long red thick cayenne in a paper bag for 8 days. about 2/3 have turned red but now after 8 days they are drying out. will this ripen them in the fridge or will the cold stop the ripening? i don't think i can leave them out at room temp too much longer.