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  1. elnewt

    for-sale SFRB Yellow Fatalii For Sale

    If you have a 2nd box, I'd like it.
  2. elnewt

    SASBE Time - Volante Peach (C. annuum) - 10 seeds - 10 spots

    Hey Chris! Just wanted to say thanks again for your offer! I planted 6 each of the volante peach, black Thai, and dark Thai that you sent. 4 of each of the Thais came up (though 2 of the black Thai seem "trapped" in their seed capsule - they don't seem to be growing or pulling their leaves out...
  3. elnewt

    overwintering Overwinter plant subjected to aphids?

    Well, she's pretty small now. I pruned her down to about 12-18" that day, and now she's about 8-9". Went back to my friend's place today. Turns out the ants were living in the 5 gal bucket, so I ripped her out of there and just committed to the bonchi. Frost is nowhere in sight, so I have some...
  4. elnewt

    overwintering Overwinter plant subjected to aphids?

    Hello all,   So I know I'm being sentimental here, but I have to ask. I have 3 pepper plants, all datils. The plan was to try to "hibernate" one over the winter to regrow next spring, and turn 2 into bonchi.  I had cut back on visiting my plants, going over every 2-3 days, with the cooler...
  5. elnewt

    for-sale SFRB Yellow Fatalii For Sale

    I second chiltepin! Received my box as well, and they look just as beautiful. Very excited to check them out, especially having heard several people say they prefer fataliis to datils (which so far have ownership of my heart).
  6. elnewt

    Jalapeno-less Poppers

    I have a hodge podge of mild peppers that I've been playing with, and I decided to make some poppers to use up most of what remained. I used the recipe from the website below, and filled up some Brazilian starfish, sugar rush peppacream and peppapeach, and a couple of aji dulce.  While they all...
  7. elnewt

    SASBE - Black Thai - Orchid Cafe - 10 seeds - 10 spots

    I would also be interested in this. I'm also in for the Volante Peach, so when I send my SASBE, they can be sent together. Thank you! This is very cool of you!
  8. elnewt

    Pepper fruits on vacation

    OK. I just didn't know how long peppers would sit on the plant without going bad. Thanks!
  9. elnewt

    Pepper fruits on vacation

    Hey there,   I JUST picked my first ripe peppers from my datil plants two days ago. They seem to be ripening ever faster. The catch is, I am leaving in a few days and won't be back for a little over a week. My plants live at my friends' house, so they can keep them watered (in containers...
  10. elnewt

    What else to try?

    Ruid, that's a new one to me. Thanks for the suggestion! Looking it up on THP and Khang Starr's channel, it sounds like something I need to check out. Willard and NE Chili Man - I definitely like serranos! They are my go to for any unspecified fresh chili, and I sometimes sub them in place of...
  11. elnewt

    What else to try?

    Hey all, So as I read these forums, I stumble across interesting things, and even though I KNOW I have to limit my pepper growing (since I don't actually have a place to grow them and have to house my peppers at a friend's place), I am super curious to taste more varieties. Maybe add 1 or 2...
  12. elnewt

    recipe-help Strawberry, Blueberry, or Pineapple Hot Sauce or Jelly Recipes?

    I don't have a recipe but will be trying to create one this summer - I fell in love with some key lime-datil and guava-datil jellies when I lived in St. Augustine. I did some experimentation earlier this summer and found that I could get the heat without the taste of jalapenos by simmering...
  13. elnewt

    for-sale SFRB Yellow Fatalii For Sale

    Hey Jeff, After hearing people say that they like fataliis more than datils, I'm gonna have to try some. I'll PM you.
  14. elnewt

    Making use of some strange-tasting Aji Limon.

    Out of curiosity, do you find that cilantro has a soapy taste? In the love-hate wars of cilantro, it seems to me that those who hate it find it has a soapy taste. I thought it had a soapy taste when I was younger, but as I kept eating it in various dishes, that taste went away. Now I can't...
  15. elnewt

    Primotalii pod review

    I got your 2 hands of blue, but where's your "2 by"? ;)
  16. elnewt

    harvesting Datil Harvest

    Regardless of anything else, I've at least got these helpers. The female's been on this plant for 4 days now. A much more welcome sight than the tobacco hornworm earlier this week. He'd been there less than 24 hrs and did a good deal of damage to the sprig he was on. My friend's chickens had a...
  17. elnewt

    harvesting Datil Harvest

    So if mine are too curly, what could be the culprit? Pests? What other signs should I look for? (I don't see obvious bugs, but I'm not hunting for them specifically when I'm doing inspections) Or does figuring out which pest even matter? I've seen some people recommend neem oil - is that a good...
  18. elnewt

    harvesting Datil Harvest

    No, I haven't. My understanding was that this sort of curliness was typical of datil peppers. I'm guessing your datils aren't this curly?
  19. elnewt

    Yellow leaves - should I worry?

    I give them a 5-5-5 once a month. But that's something all 3 plants have in common, so I don't know why one would react differently.