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    Poll to see how much of a chile head you really are.

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  2. DWelsh718

    recipe Cholula Copycat Recipe/Recollection

    HOMEMADE CHOLULA HOT SAUCE RECIPE   I played around with ingredients for a weekend and got a homemade hot sauce to taste EXACTLY like Cholula. Its so close I am having trouble telling the difference by taste, they only look slightly different. I’m tired of the trial and error having got it...
  3. DWelsh718

    I make copy cat recipes

    I just joined to share a copycat recipe for Cholula. Its closer than any of the ones I've seen online and difficult to tell that its not Real Cholula. I've successfully copied a few over priced sauces that I like, like Ling Ling Pot Sticker Sauce. I'm tired so I'm hoping someone else will be...