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    Yup did last year too lol
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    Sold on fb..
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    Got a late start this season and the first of my pods are ripening. I picked a mfrb earlier today that consists of peach bhut,moa,Freeport orange, yellow primo, chocolate primo, mustard brains, borg 9, brains, scotch brains, BBM, chocolate lava, Genghis Khan, bbg scorp and a couple other killer...
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    Advice for my Bishops Crown

    But yeah looks hungry to me
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    Advice for my Bishops Crown

    I know nothing about this product but it looks to be quite high in nitrogen. I'm assuming that it's organic since it's a seaweed product? If that's the case I'd add some high phosphorus bat guano and some sort of potassium as a top dressing. Potassium sulfate should give it a boost as its a...
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    auction Kraken scorpion f1 auction ~closed~

    All yours pm inbound
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    auction Wild Charipita Auction ~closed~

    All yours pm inbound
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    auction Wild Charipita Auction ~closed~

    I just pulled all the charipita pods off my favorite plant and thought I'd share the love. The plant was just pruned and is going on its third season! These are some of my absolute favorite pods btw. They have a wonderful c.chin flavor and pack quite a kick. Not superhot but an absolutely...
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    auction Kraken scorpion f1 auction ~closed~

    Just pulled these off of the mother Kraken plant and pruned it back for the winter. The plant is going on its 5th season so I have my fingers crossed that she makes it. If not these will be the last f1 pods (original) kraken scorpions ever.. Opening bid is 15 dollars conus only. Auction ends...
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    200 mixed pods 55.00, 120 for 33.00

    Yeah, I sent a cube to Duffy the other day n it was like 16.. I should have just sent a lfrb
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    200 mixed pods 55.00, 120 for 33.00

    Out of curiosity why not hawaii? Nice haul btw
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    Don't be so picky! I understand dealing with open pollinated seeds that you have a chance of not getting what you want cause its happened to me before. But that's why I've isolated what's True over the years for my own seed stock. Even tho there's a chance a bug can get in and cross polinate it...
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    Nice! Lol
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    trade wtb or trade MRM 7 POT BROWN
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    wanted WTB SFR box of the real MOA yellow scotch bonnet

    Sadly I have to back out of this one. If anyone else has some feel free. I only have 2 plants this season and can't fulfill his wish. Thought I had more Sorry mike
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    These are some bad ass pods people
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    free Free Manzano plant

    What do you feed it? just being curious.. If I was close I'd snatch it up
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    Super SFRB'S

    I would ask more for the habs.. You will loose money at 1 dollar a box. Costs $6.80 to ship.. Just my 2 cents
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    for-sale Mixed SFRB for sale (CLOSED)

    Nice looking pods, love the name and welcome to the forum!