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  1. smileyguy697


    Got a late start this season and the first of my pods are ripening. I picked a mfrb earlier today that consists of peach bhut,moa,Freeport orange, yellow primo, chocolate primo, mustard brains, borg 9, brains, scotch brains, BBM, chocolate lava, Genghis Khan, bbg scorp and a couple other killer...
  2. smileyguy697

    auction Wild Charipita Auction ~closed~

    I just pulled all the charipita pods off my favorite plant and thought I'd share the love. The plant was just pruned and is going on its third season! These are some of my absolute favorite pods btw. They have a wonderful c.chin flavor and pack quite a kick. Not superhot but an absolutely...
  3. smileyguy697

    auction Kraken scorpion f1 auction ~closed~

    Just pulled these off of the mother Kraken plant and pruned it back for the winter. The plant is going on its 5th season so I have my fingers crossed that she makes it. If not these will be the last f1 pods (original) kraken scorpions ever.. Opening bid is 15 dollars conus only. Auction ends...
  4. smileyguy697

    auction Another wicked ass pod auction hosted by! Ending soon! Closed! Thanks scarekrow

    I just finished picking and decided theres enough interest that I'm going to auction off one hell of a box of pods. A few of these are elite strains and these are the best looking pods I have at the moment. All pods were grown in 100% organic hand built supersoil by yours truly and are extremely...
  5. smileyguy697

    chinense Butch Taylors Orange Long Tail Scorpion

    I was lucky enough to land some seeds of these and wow what a prize! Butch told me that they popped up in his red butch t a few years back.
  6. smileyguy697

    Everything i know about the almighty PHANTOM

    So I received these seeds from Ian Stewart in the UK. Apparently he struck a deal with a fella on fb who lives in the islands of Trinidad. Ian was looking for new varieties, to get away from the run of the mill pods, that are easily found and was given these along with some other cool stuff. Now...
  7. smileyguy697

    auction Bad ass lfrb auction hosted by Mike Hess * less than 1 hour and the big guns are out! Im waiting fo

    This auction is for a lfrb of some down right wicked stuff. All proceeds will go towards next years grow. These pods were grown in 100% organic hand built supersoil and are extremely hot. Pods are Top row (by box) 1.Orange primo 2.Douglah 3.Chocolate Primo (no this is not CPR) Second...
  8. smileyguy697

    Dehydration question

    I know the first thing one of you is gonna say is this isn't a growing question, wrong spot to post bla, bla.. But I'm not trying to just dehydrate. Every year I isolate my favorite plants and want to do something different along the lines of what I've heard someone else does here but I don't...
  9. smileyguy697

    Microbial question

    I decided to put this here I didn't want to clog up the aact thread above with a question about something that may or may not work. Anyway I have a few different types of bottled microbes. Mammoth P, microbe life, tarantula and piranha to name a few. Now tbh I've spent a lot of money brewing up...
  10. smileyguy697

    Sfrb Kraken Scorpions closed

    I have one full sfrb of the kraken up for grabs. Asking 15 via PayPal and I'll have them out before work tomorrow. Post here to claim the box and it's yours! Mike
  11. smileyguy697


    I have one extra box that contains 18 chocolate borg9, 5 bleeding borg9 and 5 regular borg9 up for grabs. I know everyone and their mother is trying to get their fingers on these so I decided to do a little auction so everyone had a chance to get their fingers on them. Auction starts now and...
  12. smileyguy697

    Another wicked mfrb

    OK guys.. I packed a mfrb till nothing else fits... These are all super nice pods!! One catch.. They aren't labeled.. It has most of the crosses In my auction Red, mustard and chocolate lava Chocolate and red borg9 Brains Kraken Chocolate bhutlah And a couple other wicked pods Since I...
  13. smileyguy697

    auction Another Bad ass lfrb auction.. This box is sick

    I just made another massive haul and I'm going to pick out the best pods and pack a lfrb that's devided by sfrbs. Not positive what's going in it yet but I can tell you that whoever wins won't be disappointed! Opening bid is 50 dollars US and PayPal only I will except the last bid posted...
  14. smileyguy697

    auction Exotic Lfrb auction SOLD

    Ok.. Like said my phone is broken and the back button don't work so I can't get to photobucket to post a pic.. I can show you on fb though if you'd like to see. Anyway opening bid is 50 dollars and this box is amazing... All contents are decided by sfrb and if you've seen any of my pics or had...
  15. smileyguy697

    Mfrb moa and Bahamian goats 45 dollars Sold

    Title says it all folks.. I have 1 mfrb of half and half moa and Bahamian goats for 45 dollars US and PayPal only. For those of you that know me these are A1 pods and the box will be stuffed to the brim.. As for those of you that don't I would post a pic but my phone is broke and the back button...
  16. smileyguy697


    I have 1 box of srtsl (Sara r Trinidad scorpion long) x bbg f1s up for grabs. These came from a friend in Europe and I have 2 different phenotypes from them.. These are the elongated phenotype here.. Anyway I'm asking $15 dollars as an opening bid and will keep this open till 10 am CST tomorrow...
  17. smileyguy697

    Offical Orange Primo x BOC (f1) thread

    I was given seeds from a friend in Europe and they are turning out to be wicked as hell so far. So besides showing off what's become of them I'm wondering who else has gotten the chance to grow these? If you have them please feel free to post because I think paul's got a winner here! Anyway...
  18. smileyguy697

    hp56 Idk if I can belive this.. What's your guys thoughts?
  19. smileyguy697

    zero heat

    I'm looking for something to grow for my 3 year old this season. He loves gardening with me and likes peppers a lot. Lol.. Its actually kinda funny cause he had jimmy nardello the last 2 seasons and would walk around the yard chowing down. I also buy him sweet peppers from the store and he loves...
  20. smileyguy697

    wanted SASBE - Isolated (yellow) MOA & Bahamian Goat give away to the first 10 members ~closed~

    Offer is valid to ONLY TO US RESIDENTS WITH PROPER POSTAGE ON SASBE. All SASBE will be loaded the day recived and put back in my mail box before I go to work the next day! I just don't have time to run to the post office to correct mistakes.. If the SASBE doesn't have the proper postage on the...