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  1. Chorizo857_62J

    Having trouble uploading photos.

    I recently (this week) attempted to upload photos to my glog, but even with small files, it kicked me out. Has something changed on your end, or is there something I need to look for here?  Haven't made any significant changes, and I believe my account is up to date. Thanks! Jefft
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    Not sure if there is a separate posting destination for making powders.  I split up my efforts between sauces and powders, but when I get overwhelmed with pods and no time or limited resources, I go to powders.  They seem to last much longer, and are quick to final production, whether smoked or...
  3. Chorizo857_62J

    Source for 5-oz woozy bottle shrink wrap

    I know in the past I saw a post on shrink wrap for 5-oz. bottles that had a pull string.  That seemed awesome, but also any general sites with traditional shrink wrap.  The ones that came with bottles I had ordered were very frail.  Looking for something ab bit more sturdy.  Any suggestions?
  4. Chorizo857_62J

    Fatknuckle Jeff's (Chorizo 857) 2020 GLOG

    Been starting sprouts and seeds for next year.  I don't have an indoor lighting scheme, so things will live in the garage until March 2020.   Just seeing new sprouts today!
  5. Chorizo857_62J

    Late season leaf curl

    Have eradicated aphids and white flies, applied micro-nutrients, plant food, and tried not to over-water.  Only the plants in this side of the yard (more decorative pots) are seeing new leaf curl.  Still have flowers, and new growth, and even some lady bugs.  Not sure if running a night-time...
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    fermenting New Ferment started...Eat More Pickles.

    I love pickles...but I love pickle jars more.  They make for some convenient fermentation vessels, and come in a variety of sizes.  Wolfed down the last pickle in this jar and went to the workbench to drill out the airlock hole.  Had a 1/2-gal. of red habaneros, with an errant ghost pepper and a...
  7. Chorizo857_62J

    Poor Man's Mafaletta

    Figured I had the minimal ingredients to do this.  Made the olive salad (credit Emeril), and we had ham, hard salami, and all the other crap, but just regular sliced sandwich bread.  So it started like a grilled cheese, and ended u a a bithchin sandwich.  A homeboy Mafelleta.    
  8. Chorizo857_62J

    fermenting New Fall Ferment Launched

    Have been stockpiling pods this year, and now got to critical mass.  So processed a habanero ferment today, and away it goes into the closet until Thanksgiving.   Sorry if pic is sideways.  Just lay on the couch to view. :P
  9. Chorizo857_62J

    Another Pepper ID Quest

    I threw this one out in my grow logs, but this one continues to amaze me.  When I bought these (Bhut) peppers last year, I don't recall seeing this.  Maybe it didn't produce?  Anyway, this was preached as a Red Bhut.  Differences ow as pods ripen:  Thicker body wall; smooth surface skin, not...
  10. Chorizo857_62J

    breeding Crossing Peppers and the genetics of getting to "stabilization"

    I know I ran across something on a forum somewhere within this realm, where there was a genetic % of results for each year of grow-out for a cross.  It was a hand-written note deal but split out the percentages of what you would expect year after year over eight years to bring a cross to...
  11. Chorizo857_62J

    Pepper Morphologies - Seeing some Wierd stuff

    I have several plants pumping out pods, but have noticed some variations between how pepper morphology is showing on one plant as compared to another of the same "supposed" variety.  I figure the simplest explanation is that I don't know the origin of the seeds I grew out, other than it was from...
  12. Chorizo857_62J

    Almost made a big mistake

    So I am making hot sauce on a day off , and I have a fermenting mash ready to process.  went to the pantry to pull out the vinegar I planned to use.  Caught my eye is was not what I would prefer in a hot sauce, unless you prefer a prompt exit.  OUCH.   PSA here, read the label!   My work is done...
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    Chorizo's 2019 Glog

    This begins with overwintering of Scotch Bonnets, Habaneros (red, orange), and Red Bhuts, plus an occasional Tabasco and Red Chili.  New additions are more Scotch Bonnets seeded over the winter, plus some Reapers purchased from HD recently, and some Red Bells.  Some small Thai germinating too...
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    misc Mead

    Outfit I work with manages forestland in the area, and we brought in a beekeeper w/ hives, and at the end of the process had 300-lb. of wildflower honey.  I took some of what I bought for an experiment... Making Mead.  1400's era honey wine.  Into it for a month, and expect it will take 3 to 6...
  15. Chorizo857_62J

    breeding unintentional cross

    So I have red habaneros and yellow scotch bonnets, which have been doing well all year. Today, I went to pick what is ripe, and I noticed some bonnets on a plant that was yellow, but now they are red like the habs that grew along-side.  Thinking there was some monkey-business here, or just a...
  16. Chorizo857_62J

    pests Bugs getting Tough

    So last week I had my Poblano plant ravaged by a Tomato Horn Worm.  Not totally unexpected.  This week, a pair of these bastards got into my habaneros.  Caught one it the act.  While I commend them on their choice of taste, they must and will die....
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    Chorizo's 2018 GLOG

  18. Chorizo857_62J

    Leaf issues with Habaneros and Scotch Bonnets

    I have had leaf spot, yellowing, and leaf drop on several species recently.  Have not been letting them get over-watered, but as the weather warmed up, the older leaves started to develop these brown spots, browning on the leaf tip, and yellowing, and eventually they fall off.  Consequently, new...
  19. Chorizo857_62J

    health Translucent Leaf spots developing on older leaves of younger plants

    Good Day (wherever you may be):   I have some relatively young Red Bhuts I purchased from a local (HD) store.  They were in peat pots, soaked to the bone, but looked great.  I transplanted them out of the peat pots into a Miracle Grow potting mix, nothing else, and kept them inside the garage...
  20. Chorizo857_62J

    Smokefest Weekend

    With the wife out of town, it was a perfect weekend to fire up the smoker grill.  Corned Beef Brisket, St. Louis spare ribs, sweet corn, and 1 pound of orange habaneros.  Made a nice habanero dry powder.