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  1. Chris Kewley

    Wing places around Ontario

    I thought this might be a good thread to start for us folks that travel around abit in Ontario. For those not following the fishing thread, I fish a ton, mainly sticking to south western & eastern Ontario but do travel north & west a few times a year. Of course my food of choice is wings or...
  2. Chris Kewley

    Deepika Peppers

    Hey folks, a work mate just returned from India & brought me some F1 Hybrid seeds called Deepika. Has anyone ever grown these or tried these peppers, they kinda look like Cayenne's from the picture on the pack.   Thanks  
  3. Chris Kewley

    Hello again

    Well hello folks, it's been a few years since my last post here so I should re-introduce myself. I've been lurking about from time to time but for the life of me could never remember my password or what e-mail addy I used to sign up, have that all straightened out now. Wow seems as though most...
  4. Chris Kewley

    hot-sauce Bellycheer Habanero Sauce

    I picked this up at the new to me hot shop the other day. I was a little reluctant at first, after reading a label on something called Hawgs Breath(I think) & True Pain(I Think) where they state only peppers were used, not what kind of peppers & they were chalk full of artificial flavors &...
  5. Chris Kewley

    The Instant Caterer

    Like most Torontonians that have a taste for heat, it really has been slim pickings. Either you shop on-line, lucky enough to have a grocery store that carries outside the norm sauces, or you were off to Ottawa (Chilly Chillies). While there has been small mall vendors that has carried a wider...
  6. Chris Kewley

    Bayou Pecker Power

    It's been a little while since my last review (it's been a dry month) but I've gotten my grubby hands on a few goodn's. This is my first venture into the Hongry Hawg line of sauces & must say, I'm very impressed with the overall flavor/heat of this sauce. There was a different(I wouldn't use...
  7. Chris Kewley

    hot-sauce Colon Cleaner Hot Sauce

    If you don't have Keens mustard, this is a great substitute. This mustard based sauce has some great heat from the Scotch Bonnets, but very little nasal clearing effects that you find with hot mustards. It is also on the chalky side as far as mustard goes, but seeing as I buy Keens powder and...
  8. Chris Kewley

    Crazy Jerry's Orange Rush

    This was one of the rare hot sauce's that really had to work hard to impress me. My first impression was gaud dang this stuff taste burnt . Almost like they burnt oranges to give a unique taste that did not work for me at all. But far from one to give up on a sauce, I had to find the right...
  9. Chris Kewley

    hot-sauce Kajohn's (King) COBRA sauce

    To start off, I'm a reptile collector. I have a fairly large collection of reptiles & have been into "heprs" for some 20+ years. So when a freind saw this sauce in it's Cobra style bottle & her knowledge of my love of heat, she had to pick it up for me. To start, I don't know a ton about this...
  10. Chris Kewley

    hot-sauce Hog's Ass Hot Sauce

    This is another one of my GO TO sauces. Hog's Ass has fantastic flavor, garlic, Hab's & Cayenne peppers. Truth be told, Cayenne pepper is my #1 choice for flavor & heat(I go through a ton of Cayenne pepper, I put it on EVERYTHING). The taste is garlic followed by the Cayenne fruity flavor mixed...
  11. Chris Kewley

    hot-sauce Mad Cat Hot Sauce

    Not knowing if this sauce has been rebottled/renamed, I will say it is quite tasty. The garlic is first & formost followed by the Hab burn & while you can taste the vinager, the lime juice helps hide it. It kind of reminded me of the Cheech Garlic sauce, but the Hab burn was more intense...
  12. Chris Kewley

    RAW HEAT, Vintage 69'

    This is by far my favorite jerk style sauce. A amazingly flavorful & intensely hot sauce. The flavor is front and centre followed by a intense heat that does not negelect the flavor that precedes it. Every lip smack'n lap brings the taste back to the forefront, only to send the heat to another...
  13. Chris Kewley

    hot-sauce Galito's Peri Peri Sauce (hot)

    Thought I'd start off with one of my favorite mid level heat sauces. Per Peri is not a pepper I was familiar with, but because of this sauce it has made me search out others sauces with it in it. However unlike some of the other sauces I've found, Galito's seems to find the perfect balance that...
  14. Chris Kewley

    Hello All

    Hello boys & girls This site kicks all king of booty. Thanks to Chuk H for posting a link to here over at Maniacs. Guitargod, man that Naga Morich eating experence had me howling for what seemed like forever, love the pics.