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  1. P. Dreadie

    Season's Greetings

    I hope this Season is full of joy for everyone .   Peace  
  2. P. Dreadie

    photography Anyone do photography w/ RC Helicopters ?

      Anyone out here do this ? I've been playing with small Blade Helicopters . Have fun flying them thru the house and bugging the dogs .  Or taking them outside where I have more room to play .     I'd like to play with video or single pictures but need to learn more . There's so many price...
  3. P. Dreadie

    Primo's & Reapers ?

    My photos aren't great and the wife who has camera skills said taking pictures of peppers was one notch above taking pictures of paint drying . Take to mean she won't help or anyone can do that .....  ;)   I ordered some Promos & Reapers from a vender here . I have several question . First is...
  4. P. Dreadie

    Happy Birthday Independence Day !!

    I hope everyone here today has a Blessed Day. Enjoy your friends , the great foods being cooked , maybe a killer Fire Works show when it get's dark. But don't forget to give thanks for a reason like this to celebrate . "Independence Day". Great concept ..... an idea I love.    At times I may not...
  5. P. Dreadie

    Care Package from Dade City

    A big THANKS to sicman and the Lady Sic !! I got a nice little care package yesterday . A mixed bunch of hotties. Not positive what they all are. The Chocolate Hab and Scorpion I was pretty sure of .    The wife and I went to eat at the Indian Oven here yesterday and I took several of the small...
  6. P. Dreadie

    Happy Birthday LadySic

    Happy Birthday Sista' Gemini .. hope you & Sic have a great day today. Enjoy your day ...   Peace
  7. P. Dreadie

    Tomatoes ....... suckers

    I have never really known what a sucker is. I know they don't grow fruit just more plant matter . Does anyone have photos that show them ?   I put some blue tape on a branch in this photo. Is that part a sucker ?     Also in this photo I have some spots on some leaves. Is this something to...
  8. P. Dreadie

    Keyboard & Black Box Porn

    Here we go ... we've had guitar and drum porn . This is a keyboard porn thread . I'd like to see everyone's keyboards. Be they old pianos you or the kids learned on . Funky old pianos played in joints , keys powered my breath , bellows , or electric jobs. new or old . Please don't show us...
  9. P. Dreadie

    Romertopf Clay Cookers

    I use one of these all the time . Love It !! I've done country ribs , a stew several times , but do whole chicken the most. Season the chicken as you like , toss in veggies of your choice and it always turns out nice. A no fail easy meal. My wife wants to try one on her own. A Chicken .... she...
  10. P. Dreadie

    Summer Squash

    I haven't grown any squash in years. I remember not being able to keep up them . Ending up with squash as large as logs . For 2 people is 1 plant enough to get some to eat several times a week ? Peace & Thanks , P.Dreadie
  11. P. Dreadie

    Dreadie's Corned Beef with cabbage and root vegetables

    Here's my take off on this ... Spice Mix 1…blend well 2 teaspoons salt 1 teaspoon white pepper 1 teaspoon onion powder 1 teaspoon garlic powder 1/2 teaspoon black pepper 1/2 teaspoon ground mace 1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg Spice Mix 2 12 black peppercorns 6 allspice...
  12. P. Dreadie

    Dreadie's Pork Chops in Apricot-Kumquat sauce

    This is what I made yesterday ... This not a true Moroccan dish at all , just simply a combination of spices I like that are used in many Middle Eastern dishes. They blend well with dried fruits . This was served with steamed baby potatoes and couscous . 4 Thick bone in Pork Chops 6 Kumquats...
  13. P. Dreadie

    baking Blue Corn Meal Cornbread ?

    I want to make a Mexican style corn bread using Blue corn meal and buttermilk.You know .. creamed corn , green chills , etc.Does anyone here a "Tried Recipe" they love for this ? I've done my internet searches already and copied those. But the last time I tried this I wasn't happy . I choose...
  14. P. Dreadie

    P.Dreadie's Yardie Chicken

    Dis' one of mi favorite dishes … bar none ! Several techniques used here , like "seasoning" your meat in some of the vegetables , like onions yellow & green, garlic , peppers both hot & black pepper . Then some of the herbs and spices if used . You want those flavors to get into your meat...
  15. P. Dreadie

    Dreadie's Panko Crusted Salmon

    Here's a fish dish I often make . Where I live in the flatlands of Texas you can't get fresh fish unless you go to the "CatFish Farm". That's it ! Not like you lucky guy's in Florida . Mmmmm fish dem jus' outta' water …. Dang I'd love a good Red Snapper or Parrot Fish at this time...
  16. P. Dreadie

    Praying Mantis Egg Cases

    I'm hoping someone can give some good true info on this. I want to introduce some Praying Mantis again this year. I know the basic ... keep them chilled in your refrigerator until you're ready to set them out. Place the cases out when you're ready for them to hatch out. That would be when you...
  17. P. Dreadie

    Glory Hounds

    I saw Glory Hounds last night on the Animal Channel . It's about military dogs . They were in Afghanistan ..... very moving and at parts heart braking. Over all it was super. All kinds of respect goes out to our military as a whole and the K-9 units sure deserve their share for sure. I...
  18. P. Dreadie

    P.Dreadie 2013

    This a bit early for me to start a log , not much to say or show. But the weather is less than I'd like to see. I know I'm a whiner ... somewhere a pepperhead is looking at feet of snow and not just a few inches like me ... But I'm dreaming about better times .. pods pon de plants .. herbs for...
  19. P. Dreadie

    Which Bell Peppers ?

    Hey THC crew , I normally grow peppers I can't get at the store. The price of Bell Peppers in my area has gone way up !! So I want to grow a few this year. Last year a friend gave me some he grew. Taste was great cause they were fresh but the flesh was very thin. I'd like some with thick...
  20. P. Dreadie

    Scotch Bonnets

    I did very little last year in my garden. A few tomatoes , some greens , and a couple of peppers. This year I plan to do much more again. SB peppers are my favorites. I sort of specialize on them. I had given SB seeds to some folks here. Several strains. I didn't even look in on the forum...