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    issue Nute Burn or Deficiency?

    Hey all, Starting to see some troubles in a good chunk of my plants. I'm thinking it's nute burn now that I'm seeing some brown spots as well and not just the yellowing, and a little bit of deformity on new growth. Also, the older batch of plants I have have been getting the same water/nutes...
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    Uknow 2021. It's been a while...

    Hey all! Took a while off from posting and didn't grow anything at all last year, sadly. Decided to get something going this year, albeit a lot smaller than my usual grows. Only started 40 plants (double seeds so 80 total) this year on February 25th. Started them in 3.5" pots instead of cells...
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    Uknow's 2019 - Less is More!

    Hey all! I'm back for another season! I'm about a month behind last year's schedule, but still plenty of time since I don't plant out til the first week of June. I think last year I started almost 500 or 600 seeds of around 50 varieties??? This year, I finally cut back, lol. Only did two...
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    What's eating my pods!?

    I have found about 15 or so pods with holes in them so far, anybody know what's eating them? Thanks!
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    Are these eggs good or bad?

    Anybody know what kind of eggs these are? do I leave them or kill them? I know they're not aphid eggs. Thanks!
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    favorite What's Your Favorite Indoor Potting Mix?

    Hey all,       In my quest to find the "perfect" indoor potting mix for me to use while indoors until pot out in late May/early June. I have researched many different mixes and still not quite sure what to try with my next batch of plants I'm potting up to #1 pots this weekend. (I have read the...
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    How do YOU choose your keepers?

    Hey all, I'm sitting here potting up my keepers today and I figured I just throw this out there... What do you all look for when choosing which plants to pot up and keep for the season? Wondering if anyone has secret pro-tips to share, haha. I look for: - Color and shape/size of the...
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    Caution to Anyone Switching to "Cheap" Blue/Red only LEDs

    Hey All,       I was surfing YouTube the other night for reviews on some newer pepper varieties, and LED lights, since I want to switch to LED at some point. I came across several videos that tested LED vs T5 fixture grows and "Full Spectrum" LED vs Blue/Red LED fixture (mostly Red) grows.  I...
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    Uknow 2018 - The Heat is On!

    Hey all! Just a quick sneak peak. I planned on dirt day being January 1st this year, but it ended up being today (yesterday), January 18th. Still about 2 weeks earlier than my first set last year. As long as I don't have any major setbacks like last season, I should crush it this year...
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    Are these little guys good or bad?

    Hey all, Are this little guys good or bad? Been finding them on some of my plants recently. Thanks!
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    health Are these spots an issue?

    Hey guys, Are these spots an issue? It's only on a handful of plants and mostly only only older leaves near the bottom. Also it's all near the front half of the leaves, towards the leaf tips. Does it just look like damage from laying in the dirt a while back maybe or could it be some sort...
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    Potting Up Sizes

    Hey guys, I'm considering going straight from cells to 6in "1 gallon" pots this year instead of solo cups, for the ones I'll keep for myself, to give me a little more room for growth since I can't put them out until mid to late May normally. The last big grow I did, I ran into all sorts of...
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    Measuring PH

    Hey guys, What meters do you use/reccomend for testing water and soil PH? Thanks T.
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    How often to replace T8 bulbs?

    Hey guys, I run my 6500k T8 bulbs 18 hours per day from February 1st to late May/early June. That's roughly 2160 hours per season and I have 2 seasons on them, so about 4320 hours so far. This year will be the 3rd season on them. They're still bright, but noticeably not as bright as new bulbs...
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    seeds Seedlings Not Growing/yellowing

    Hey guys, My 3 super hots are not really growing and kind of yellowing. I moved them outside last week to see if that would help. They are on my covered front porch that gets just a couple hours of morning sun. My jalapeño and habaneros that are 2 weeks younger are now way ahead of the...
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    U)<now's 2016/2017 Indoor/Outdoor Glog

    Hey guys,        I figured I'd start a late season Glog for my indoor (possibly outdoor for a couple months) grow since I didn't start anything this past spring. I posted some stuff in the Growing sub a couple weeks ago when I ordered all my seeds for my 2017 grow, but I wanted to start a few...
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    Grafting Pepper Plants

    Hey guys,        I found this guys name in another thread searching for other indoor grow ideas and looked him up on youtube. I never knew it was possible to graft pepper plants before. I have grafted cactus (cacti) before so I might have to give this a shot just to do something different!  ...
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    I'm back!

    Hey guys and gals, I didn't grow anything this season, and not much last season. (Life got in the way.) However, I really wish I had and now have the itch BAD! So I'm thinking of maybe starting a few late plants this year to over winter, just 2 or 3, and I'm most definitely growing coming...
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    Upgraded/ing My Setup, Fixtures, and Bulbs... Couple Questions

    Hey Guys,   (scroll to the bottom for my main question and to skip my rambling... lol) I took about a season and a half away from growing and am happy to be back on THP!       I recently upgraded my seed starting light setup. I went from cheap $10 wal-mart twin tube T12 fixtures (1-2 fixtures...
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    seeds Average Brain Strain Germination Time???

    Just wondering, of you that have grown the 7 Pod Brain Strain, what seems to be your average Germination time?? I am using heat mats and the soil stays around 80F. I have about 4 to 8 of all my other 7 pod and scorps and others germinated so far but 0 Brain Strains.. Only been 11 days though...