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  1. filmost

    Go forth and make ramen (noodles)!

    I am just gonna leave this right here.   I have not done it myself, but I have been looking into it. Going to try this weekend if I have time. This was pulled from a Japanese site.   200g high protein/gluten flour 2g (1%) salt (optional but recommended) 2g (1%) sodium carbonate aka washing soda...
  2. filmost

    Topping Sweet Peppers?

    Out of curiousity, does anyone here top their sweet peppers? Does it increase yield?
  3. filmost

    Blend sauce with mango to finish off

    Hey all you sauce masters!   I am going to TRY to finish off my sauce this weekend. Current mash has gone through 2 ferment cycles. Once with just peppers, then once again with added garlic, carrots, and apples. It's been capped and sitting in my fridge for several weeks now and I have been...
  4. filmost

    wanted WTB: Authentic Hungarian Paprika

    I ran out of the Hungarian Paprika powder that my friend from Serbia gave me, so am in search of more. Either powder or the various pods used in producing the different grades of powder.   Who's got my back?!
  5. filmost

    wanted Looking for dwarf tomato varieties

    I am in search of Red Robin and Minibel tomato seeds, or similar super short varieties that are good for both indoor and outdoor. Does anyone have any extra they might be willing to share for cost of shipping (by my estimate that is about $1.15 USD mailed in a business envelope with a little...
  6. filmost

    recipe-help Looking for an easy, simple jelly recipe

    I'm in search of a simple and easy to make jelly recipe to use up my frozen pods. Preferably one that doesn't require vinegar (mainly b/c I am too lazy to go look or apple cider vinegar).   That said, if it must use vinegar, has anyone ever made a jelly that used rice vinegar?   Thanks!
  7. filmost

    Help me come up with a hot pepper challenge!

    Hey all, I'm hosting a party of about 30ish people tonight and we have 3 amazon gift cards to give away in denominations of $10, $20, and $30.   We were trying to think of what we could do in terms of a game or a challenge. I said I would be bringing some peppers and sauce, so why not do a hot...
  8. filmost

    breeding Backcrossing for stablization?

    Breeders and people working with interesting crosses, what are your thoughts on backcrossing with regards to our beloved fire breathing fruit? I know the canna community discusses this quite a bit, but was wondering if it holds any value in the chile world.   Backcrossing in case you are not...
  9. filmost

    The Ramen Lover's Thread

    If you have never had an authentic bowl of ramen, you are missing out. Find out the nearest ramen joint to your area and get out there STAT.   For the rest of you have love yourself a tasty, steaming bowl of noodley goodness, post your pics and add location details and help out the uninitiated...
  10. filmost

    Hot Pot Japan Style

    I distinctly remember a discussion about hot pots awhile back. I think LDHS had a thread about a neighbor giving his family a hot pot and the stuff they use in it. I remember promising to post back with a hot pot meal our family does, so here's a simple hot pot we had last night.   We use a clay...
  11. filmost

    condiment Salsa Verde Without Tomatillos?

    Hey all, can salsa verde be made without tomatillos? Can't find any in Japan -_-
  12. filmost

    Beer and food in Seattle?

    Hey all, I have a 6hr layover in Seattle in May and planning to head out into the city for food and drinks. What local brews and eats should I be keeping an eye out for? Anywhere you recommend going? I was thinking of heading down to Chinatown/International District via the Link.   Thanks in...
  13. filmost

    Friends looking for fiery goodness in Denver

    I have some friends skiing over in Dillon right now and they are on the hunt for ghost pepper cheese. They'll be heading in to Denver soon. Can anyone in the Denver area advise on finding spicy cheese and what not in the area? I believe they are relative light weights vs spicy, so probably just...
  14. filmost

    filmost 2015

    Here we go again, Round 2 ding ding ding! If you are interested at all, here's the thread of my last grow. Sometime around mid-summer I got busy and stopped updating for a bit.   This year I am downsizing my grow a bit and focusing more on flavor/uniqueness/everyday useability instead of pure...
  15. filmost

    spirits Hibiki 12 Year Blended Japanese Whiskey

    With Japanese whiskey turning heads these days, I started paying more attention to them and tried this one over the holidays while on a trip. Was so tasty I ended up buying a bottle after I got home. Highly recommend it, but it does seem its a hit or a miss depending on your tastes. Still, if...
  16. filmost

    Ideas for sauces using Fatalii?

    Hey all, I am about to harvest way more Fatalii than I could ever use. Any ideas for sauces with Fatalii as a base? I made a cooked mango/pineapple/fatalii sauce awhile back that worked out well, but wonder if anyone has made anything else.   Thanks in advance!
  17. filmost

    It's it necessary to keep peppers down with a weight?

    I have one ferment going and things are looking promising. My problem with kahm yeast has been resolved and there is plenty of bubbling, but I am curious if it's necessary to keep pushing the pepper mash back down into the liquid or if it will eventually sink again and start the process over?
  18. filmost

    fermenting First ferment, 4% salt, white growth on day 3

    Hey all, I started my first ferment over the weekend---4ish percent seasalt by weight + about a teaspoon of whey harvested from a tub of yogurt. The peppers were deseeded then lightly blended with the salt and whey. I only had enough peppers to fill half a 16oz mason jar.   Yesterday was day...
  19. filmost

    What to do about Pepper Maggots?

    So I have found recently that I may have an issue with pepper maggots. So far this season I have lost probably about 5 pods due to tiny puncture/exit wholes. However the other day I saw a fairly large whole in a Jalapeno pod and it was all goopy inside after I cut it open to check.   Today I...
  20. filmost

    Grasshoppers! How do I get rid of them?!

    These bastards showed up this year. They are called Onbubata (Piggyback Grasshopper) in Japanese. What's the best course of action to get rid of them? I'm armed with DE & Neem. Should I try to find anything else?   Not my picture.