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    organic One of my Devil's Brain plants is producing all purple pods

    One of my five Devil's Brains doesn't look like the others! Purple leaves, purple stems, and purple pods. I knew it was an oddball by the time it fully put out its first set of true leaves, but thought it might just grow out of it. It never did. Some of the pods have been full grown for a...
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    pics I decided make Jamaican Habanero + Ghost pepper Camembert cheese

    I prefer a more stable "grocery store style" camembert. That means cutting the curd and stirring to remove more moisture than usual before dumping it into the hoops. Basically I follow the same procedure as this recipe as featured on Gavin Webber's video except for that part. Oh, and of...
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    pod Can anyone ID this C. chinense pepper?

    I dug the seeds out of a pepper sold at the store that were obviously mislabelled "carolina reapers" and am growing these inside my grow tent. I've been calling them Habaneros, but I have no idea really. They are very hot though. Many of them reach a good size. Here's a couple red ones, all...
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    indoor Christmas harvest and the first harvest ever for me indoors!

    So just a bit of background. This is a "no-till organic" grow where I just keep using the soil medium grow after grow without disturbing it. Roots and such from the last harvest are left intact because plants are just cut off at soil level. In the soil there are 3 species of earthworms and many...
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    Hi from the Great White North (Canada)

    Well I lie. It's not exactly super white out. This is the second Christmas in a row that things aren't so white. There is a light dusting of snow outside though, but it's supposed to rain tomorrow. Lol Crazy for here. Anyway... I've been growing weed using a no-till organic method I've...